Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Long Weekend & Back to Hometown

It is a long weekend.. combined with Merdeka holiday.. what more with Monday is the first day of Puasa, and endless calls from my mom asking whether I will come home for the weekend or not.. so I ended up driving back to the Kuala Terengganu for the holiday and celebrate the first day of puasa with family.. the first time since I started working.. heheheh
Ganu is as mellow as usual.. and managed to snap some interesting photos along the way.. like Fara Fauzana wearing tudung in Ganu's billboard..and a car full of Malaysia's flag covering the car all over.. and a restaurant in Ganu that sells Roti Canai and Kopi O that costs only 51 cent each in conjunction of the 51st year of Merdeka this year.. I can't feel the spirit of Merdeka this year.. unlike last year where all the buildings were covered by the national flag, this year is very quiet.. I don't understand why! And like the helicopters that brought the flags of all the 13 states crossing by my home this morning, I do hope that somebody will bring the spirit back to the country..

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