Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Balik travel.. poketku pun makin nipis.. uwaaaa!Dok diam2 je la lepas ni kannn!


The trip wouldn't be complete without getting the Kek Lapis as a souvenir.. in fact I've got to buy banyak ni kek lapis nak bagi pada org yg memesan pakai air liur je kannn.. heheheh!
So pergi la semula ke Kg Gersik aka Kg Boyan to get the Kek Lapis tu.. My previous trips mmg selalu pi Dayang Salhah Kek Lapis.. but I've encountered another place to get those.. Mira Kek Lapis..Situated not far from DS, Mira is just a small setup at the bench of the river, but the cake is so moist and sedapppp.. funny to know that they name the cake over the famous songs of Juara Lagu.. awan nano la, ombak rindu laaa.. selling point yg senang nak tackle the Malay crowds kot.. tapi kedekut bagi sample.. ciput je compared to DS..heheheh
Across the street, a more proper setup of DS cakehouse, with lots of people there.. well, to be honest, before Mira, this is such a delicious cake to give as a souvenir, but now I think that the cake is quite dry and not as good as before.. but still the presentation, teh customer service, the packaging.. they are good at it..
So for me, I'd rather choose Mira than DS.. more moist, more delicious and perfect for souvenir.. one thing they need to improve is on the customer service.. be more friendly sikit la dgn customers.. but still worth buying la.. habis beratus beli cake saja.. aiyoooooo!Ikan Terubuk pun ada kat sini, so borong je la terus.. not much difference pun from Pasar Satok.. settle my souvenir part.. and later balik KL at nite.. such a tiring trip, but happy that my parents enjoyed the it..


It's abah that really wanted to go to Santubong.. katanya nak jumpa Putri Santubong.. nak tgk sendiri where she lives and stuff.. quite eery when he started talking about all those.. pening dibuatnya.. but my objective of the trip.. make them happy! so layan je laaa.. The last day of our Kuching trip, we all took a slow drive to Santubong to fulfill Tok Mat punya wish.. not planning to visit Cultural Village, as it's already quite late and we definitely missed the programs there already.. so lepak je la di kaki Gunung Santubong.. apparently they built a very nice building overlooking the sea with a huge burung kenyalang replica.. and the scenery here.. wowww! amazing la.. cantik gilaaa..
So dgn happynya snap here and there.. byk la subject jadi bahan snap2 my camera.. sampai depan Cultural Village tu pun snap2 jugak walaupun tak masuk.. heheh!Abah still keeps going on with his Putri Santubong story, and even showed me the place where she lived.. and that made me goosebumps all over.. meremang bulu romaku laaaa.. dah laa.. nak balikkkk!


I just like Kuching town.. simply penenang jiwa.. no matter how many times datang sini pun, still tak jemu2 dgn the ambience, the scenery, the people, well.. everything lahhh! Takmo cerita banyak, just wanna share some photos of the town.. peaceful!Wahhh.. siap ada pengantin dok posing tepi Waterfront tuuuu.. Tok Mat dgn Mak Long berposing tepi sungai diwaktu senja.. priceless la gambo ni.. heheh!dan malam pun menjelma.. and the scenery waktu malam pulak di Waterfront tu.. sambil test2 camera baruku.. heheheh! and the town pun dah macam pekan tinggal, kannn?
Cuma satu je yg kurang.. halal food is quite hard to find especially in Kuching town, that's what my parents told me.. and to make it harder, abah is really choosy about the food here.. letih nak melayan.. heheheh! but takpa laaaa.. as long as they're happy, ikutkan lahhh! Well, one has to go to Petrajaya side, especially along Jalan Astana to get good food.. and again I got myself my all time favorite, Laksa Sarawak.. simply amazing.. sedap tak terkata! and I can go on and on with Laksa Sarawak, although mak said rasanya macam rempah orang beranak... Hahahahahahah! macam2 laaaa..


It's been raining cats and dogs since morning.. and hoping that it won't rain in Serikin, we still proceed with our plan for Serikin trip.. driving slowly until we reach the destination, unfortunately, it is still wet, wet, wet in Serikin too.. in fact, it gets worse when the drizzle turned out to be a heavy rain.. and we all had to buy a few umbrellas.. which costs crazily RM10 for a very very cheapo umbrella.. entah apa2..walked thru the wet market with umbrella on one hand, and the camera on the other hand.. nothing much.. macam sama je dgn Pengkalan Kubur kat Kelantan tu.. heheh! Mak really wanted to buy the tikar Sarawak.. and I totally recommended it as its kinda cheap here.. so cari la kami meredah hujan tu cari tikar sarawak yang cantik2.. after endless pick and choose here and there, plus the negotiation with the seller, mak finally got herself one big tikar for about rm200.. worth it! what's not so encouraging, I too was trapped into getting myself a small tikar for my house.. adoiii! so be it la.. projek mencantikkan rumah lagi la lepas ni.. heheh!
Anyway, walking in the rain was quite tiring, and the earlier plan to get to Semenggoh Orang Utan Place was cancelled.. nak tengok orang utan apa hujan2 ni.. depa pun dah mandom pi masuk tidoq punya la kann.. heheheh.. so balik la semula to our homestay to clean up a bit and get out again for dinner.. which turns out to be the other way round.. semua balik tergolek tertido bagai.. hahahahah! Letihhh!