Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The movie many talked about this year.. and since so many reviews about it everywhere, that means it has to be in my must watch list.. but what happened? sumpah bosan.. siap tido lg dlm panggung.. boring tgk hero tua yg mcm baca skrip je.. bosannn! The movie tu actually kira ok la.. but I wonder laaa.. awat la dia ambik hero tua yang dah tak banyak rambut and tak cool langsung dah tu? He may be very popular masa muda2 with his movie, Face off la, apa la movies lagi.. but now he is soooo not fitting the character laaa.. Spiderman pun dah cari hero baru, superman pun dah bersepah2 hero tukar, at least do something with this one la please.. sedihhhh! heheheh.. sekadar blurt out the dissatisfaction je.. jangan marah aaa..

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Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Nik,
Where's the Underworld review ? Don't forget to review John Carter movie. The trailer is so promising.

Can you review on Nyonya & peranakan Food + Devil Curry. Claim the taste is superb but the only challenge is how to find the Halal restaurant.Some rest is pork free but still serve liquor and i still assume that is tak halal hehe..

Have a safe trip and dont be noty2