Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Wedding.. Minang Style

I was invited to attend a friend's wedding.. and as I was told that this is gonna be sort of a Minang wedding, this must be an interesting kind of wedding that I must attend..It was a very big wedding celebration full with so many tents.. everything is so happening, lots of tables filling up the space.. with 7 tents occupying the people eating, one tent for the pelamin and another tent for the karaoke session..The food served here is also special.. the authentic Minang food with Gulai Cempedak, Jering Pedas, Daging Rendang, Fried Chicken and lots more.. not to forget sambal belacan..Lepak2 for a while while entertaining myself with Minang selection of songs.. more like Dangdut to me.. took photos of the bride and groom.. and went back soon after that..

Back To The Creator.. Al Fatihah

I just heard the sad news about our dear friend, Nik Zaima passed away in the evening due to Meningitis.. Nik Zaima was a wife of our 88-92 Jenan batch, Azizul Rahman.. I feel bad not to attend the sembahyang jenazah as I was still in Terengganu at that time.. and can't go back as I just reached Terengganu the day before..
Nik Zaima left 2 children, in which the youngest one is only about a year.. I feel sorry for the lost, and I do hope that Chon will be strong in dealing with the upcoming days without the loved one.. My condolences goes to you and may the arwah Nik Zaima will be placed within the chosen one by the God almighty..

The Short Stop @ Kuala Ganu

It was just a short trip in Ganu this time as I need to rush back to KL the following nothing much can be done a short time.. just took a leisure drive around the town.. and stopped at the shop lots that used to be our boutique some years ago.. too bad the business doesn't work out.. Later stopped by at the famous 'Air Buah Gelas Besar' in Seberang Takir
for the large glass of of fruit mixture drinks... and Laksam.. another famous Terengganu dish..nice one..

Sending Granny Back to Ganu

My mom finally came back from Jgoyja on Thursday, and hafta go back to Ganu the following day.. and since my granny wanted to follow them back, and the car can't fit all of them, I hafta drive my granny and her nanny back to Ganu..This time, since I drove back to Ganu during the day, I decided that I wanna stop at Kemaman to get the Otak2.. or at least the Satar from Kemaman.. yummy! For those who don't know what those are, these are the local Ganu kuih, and Kemaman is known for the best place to get it..The journey is quite slow to me, since it was during teh day.. and being me, I don't really like driving a long journey during the day time.. but since my dad was so suddenly so bubbly in the car, telling stories of 1000 kinds, that managed to keep me wide awake in the car..Reached Kemaman at about 6pm.. just the right time for the Satar.. and a very delicious keropok lekor... simply syiokkkkkk!They have the selections of dried keropok and seafood too.. Made another stop to get ourselves a few stick of Lemang.. and varities of fruit pickles in so many different colors..Continued the journey.. and reached Kuala Ganu at about 9pm.. safe!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fuel price drop... againn!

It was in the newspaper today.. The fuel price dropped again.. down to RM2 per litre effective today..It was such a good news, considering that the crude oil price of the world dropped continuously.. again.. I hope that the price of goods and food also dropped with the fuel price drops.. hahahhaha... you wish!!!

NIKO on the board

I was in Giant Bandar Kinrara taking a walk when I saw a fashion shop called NIKO.. which is similar to my name, NIKO75.. hehehe..Wish to see more of the brand name in more shopping malls.. heheh..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Jalan2 Trip Around Selangor

My mom is going to Yogja for a few days on a work assignment.. and my dad stayed at my house for a while.. So just after I sent my mom at the airport, me and abah decided to take a long ride on the shore of Selangor.. and we started cruising thru the coast starting from Sepang.. where we stopped by Bagan Lalang for a short while.. to take photos and stuff..
It's simply a stunning view in Bagan lalang in the evening, and the Sepang Gold Coast hotel development added to the nice views...Later.. proceed to Pantai Morib.. which used to be famous some time ago.. I've never been there before.. and very curious to know how it looked like.. only to our disappointment to see the muddy shore with not so much of a good view..Proceed to the kampung route straight ahead to Klang.. it was raining heavily when we reached Klang, and we decided to stop an evening break by having Mee Jawa at the restaurant near Proton in Shah Alam..Sedappppp!
Headed back home right before Maghrib.. very2 tired..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Engagement Ceremony

Today is indeed another busy day for me.. the engagement ceremony of my cousin, Raihanah whom got engaged and gonna be married very2 soon..The engagement started with the discussion of the engagement, followed by the wedding and later the ring giving from the mother of the groom to the future bride.. followed by the 'hantaran' or exchanged of gifts for the engagement, in this case, the groom side gave 29 items while the bride's side returned the 23 items of the gifts.. ranging from normal wear to the sweets and food.. and after the ceremony, there must be food for everybody who came.. and we were all happy eating the marvelous food.. and I must tell u.. the chicken is so superb.. i had a few of them alone.. without the rice.. Nice.. simply awesome food..the caterer hired for this occasion is totally recommended.. heheh!Later, met all the relatives, and soon fall into a long chat among us.. Anyway.. to Raihanah.. Happy Engagement to you.. cepat2 naik pelamin..