Saturday, July 31, 2010


I was late for Zam2 graduation, but I really hafta be there to congratulate him on his MBA's graduation.. just a few of us were there to be with him for the graduation.. and I'm so truly happy to see him finish his masters at last.. when will my turn be? wink wink..Too many people at once occupying the areas around the main hall.. and hell, it was so damn hot that I kept sweating like pig already while waiting for him to finish the ceremony..
My lunch treat for him at Penang House.. had loads of food on the table, too bad it wasn't that good.. so I won't talk much about it.. cause that's gonna be the last I'm gonna be there.. Anyway, CONRATULATIONS to you Zam2.. Another step to PHD maybe? heheheh...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was assigned to JB for 2 weeks now.. work was so stressful although there's not so much of an output created yet.. but since not many people are that experienced, everyone seemed to be in a lot of pressure then.. Anyway, JB seems to be a foreign land to me.. I don't go down that much there.. so I was kinda lost of the updates here in JB.. well, apart from the workload and stuff, what I was really focusing into was the hunt of good food in JB.. heard lots of good stuff, but donno where to start.. Well, at last I found a big makan place complex nearby Larkin.. and it looked like I found my jackpot here. hahahahha! So what's good here?
1. Kacang Pool
Quite famous in Johor I beleive as I found a few newspaper cuttings at the counter.. Something very new for me.. and surprisingly, not bad at all! Kacang kuda cooked with minced meat in their own secret spices.. eaten with bread.. nice stuff..
2. Mee Rebus Stulang
The ever famous Mee rebus Stulang Laut opens its branch here.. and the taste is not bad at all.. ordered the special one.. and got myself 2 huge udangs on top of the mee rebus.. really nice.. but I like the muar mee rebus better.. heheh..
3. Asam Pedas
What's with the visit to JB without getting the Asam Pedas? Also tried the asam pedas with rice.. and it wasn't that bad at all.. again, like the Muar one better..
4. Laksa Johor
This is my all time favourite.. I've been cooking this my own style for quite a while now.. and now I wanna try the original one, in the own land of Johor.. and damn.. it was really superb.. may be because I love the taste of Laksa Johor so much, or may be because that stall cooked a very nice one.. too bad the portion was too small, and malu nak order another one.. hahahahah! rugiiii..
The Bakso is also nice here.. .. kira semua sedap lahhhh...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ever seen a kid about 5-6 years old that loves tempoyak? I bet most of us don't.. but surprisingly, I already met one..Meet Mila, my cousin, only 6 but she eats tempoyak with the meal like nobody's business.. gosh! I was quite shocked at first when she took the whole plate of tempoyak and eat it with nasi.. even surprised me when my aunt told me that she asked her mom to buy the tempoyak from the market.. hahahah.. bravo budak kecikk..and when will I start makan tempoyak myself? hahahah... just can't swallow, too harsh a taste for me.. a big no-no.. hahahah

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I was on the way back to KL that we decided find a durian place for makan2.. and luckily we found one at the road side of Temerloh town.. Earlier, I was having an assignment with the people of Jengka and since Jengka is quite near to Temerloh, then, Temerloh it is.. A friend was really good in finding good durians, what with her endlesss tips of good durians, so we finally had a nice royal yellow of durian peels and great taste.. truly an awesome 'makan durian' stop.. power gilerrrr!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ever tried the foot patch for detox? It seems to be quite popular lately and many versions of foot patches are sold in the market.. I too tried it.. and didn't find anything different from it.. but the patch sure turns into dark brown as expected, and the smell, goshhh.. busukkk.. Question is.. does this really work? Or just another marketing con like the foor detox where you put your foot in the water and stuff some time ago? Any ideas?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Another stressful weekend here.. lots of unfinished office work to do.. newsletter and document to finish.. with parents and cousins in town to entertain, endless SMSes from friends for the outings, stupid P1 Wimax that didn't work since Friday nite, unfinished spring cleaning of my house, reminder letter about leaking at my apartment, new assignment in JB starting tomorrow..
All at once.. all in one weekend.. what more can one ask? Gosh I'm so stressed.. What can I do?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Got this from a friend.. apparently this is a signage sticked at one of the mamak restaurant in Ampang.. Internet free.. but pay electricity, ok... good catch.. and very frank.. hahahha.. dah la charge mahal and the drinks order kept flowing.. still wanna charge electricity ka mamak? hahahah.. Anybody knows which mamak is this?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm still stuck in KB for another 1.5 hours waitng for the delayed AirAsia flight back to KL.. Perghhh... dah lama AA tak buat hal..
Anyway.. out of bored waiting since the last 2 hours.. I managed to get this photo shared in FB.. Check it out.. hahahahahah! (gelak tergolek2)

SO, what do you think the best sports it would be?Lari bawak telur dengan sudu.. or Lari dalam guni perhaps... hahahahh! (Pengsan)
Tak mungkinnnnn!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Checkout the signage of this kedai.. SEKENHEND with striking green building ok!! hahhaha...I don't know whether or not this is done on purpose to attract the customers..
But if this is plain mistake out of not knowing.. then I wonder who's the advertising agency that printed this sigange.. certainly they are not helping at all.. heheheh..
Anyway guys.. if this is part of your advert strategy.. u managed to attract my attention.. heheheh..