Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ever seen a new Nissan Sunny? Cantik kannn.. Well, this is the car I've been looking for.. tak sabar nak tunggu launch of this car in the 3rd quarter of this year kot.. test car dah nampak on the road dah according to Paul Tan..
The inerior pun mmg class giler.. melelehhhh aaaa..
Everything looks superb on this new Sunny.. tapi why la they build it on 1.5cc saja. tak best betoi laaa.. agak2 la kan.. what's the price like ya?Anyway.. looking forward for this new Suuny to hit the road the soonest.. for sure la kena sambar satu ni.. hahahahah!
* Credit photos @ Paul Tan's blog..

Saturday, March 24, 2012


After a few months, it's time to send Blackie for service.. dah lebih 5k from the due time for service.. ni baru ada masa nak hantar.. so pegi la kat Chan Sow Lin.. I always like Nissan Cheras branch sebab sungguh senang deal with the staff..
and the new building pun best la nak lepak2.. siap ada deck nak tengok keta kena service lg.. heheh..
But yg tak sedapnya, Blackie pulak dah start kasi problem laa itu kereta.. this time bearing dia pulak dah start buat hal.. adoii.. melayang la pulak dekat RM1k just for the service and tukar bearing..
Dia buat problem lagi mmg ada harapan tukar keta ni.. heheheh! apa lg.. start la survey keta, Niko...

Friday, March 23, 2012


It seems that the pond dah banyak yang berubah.. a.k.a banyak ikan yang mati.. and the addtion of a new big koi in the pond.. I really don't know what's the problem.. but it seems that the earlier batch of the koi has decided to commit suicide.. or rather end up their life in the pond.. about 10 of them just died one by one with no sign of why it happened..
I tried to change the water just in case that the water is polluted.. tapi not helping.. until one time it all stops.. and the survivors left healthy and active.. including the blind one.. Checkout the one without the eyes at all..
more focus and attention given to her lately since she's still struggling to eat and survive in the pond.. but looks like she can fit her way in the pond better now, and knows how to get the food better.. how? wait for me to give the pellets, and straight away pull herself to the crowd of fishes where the food is located.. cool stuff huhh?
The new addition to pond.. the big koi on the far left.. the biggest in the small porn.. ehhh pond.. and the most active of all.. moga2 takdak la yang mati lagi kali ni.. aminnnn..

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Lately, I really have no time to take care of the plants at my balcony that sometimes I think it has turned into a jungle.. goshhh! pokok2 semua dah start to grow like nobody's business, pokok mejalar dah penuh at the wall and the grill, the green plants grow faster that the leafs begin to get bigger and bigger.. my red yellowish frangi panni starts to bloom again, and there will be more flowers to come soon from my other plants...
Weird thing is that I hardly take a good care of my plants.. only siram once a week.. on the weekend je pulak tu.. but they can still grow nicely in my garde balcony.. ohhh.. such a lovely ambience I have here.. nasib baik la poko2 ni tak merajuk kann.. heheh! now I can spend my time more at the balcony while sipping my coffee and enjoying my marvelous golf view without the worry of people can actually see what i'm doing.. sikit masa lagi the whole balcony will be blocked up with the plants I can play hide and seek here.. hahahha.. best2.. suka suka sukehhhh..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Got this book from someone who's kind enough to ask me to read it first.. hoping that I will read this book during my bedtime.. hehehhe! The rules of wealth..
Knowing me yang sungguh malas and not interested nak baca buku, especially during my bedtime.. I'd rather let my lappy open over a movie till I fall asleep.. and the lappy will remain open till tomorrow morning.. heheheheh!
I donno la when I will start reading this book.. and when will I finish it..
Sure orang akan kata aku loser kan.. isyyyy.. kena baca ni.. set to positive mode.. I WILL READ THIS BOOK!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Got this from Facebook.. ada jugak mamak yg namakan restoran dia as Restoran Vargina.. donno la kat mana ni.. tapi confirm la sungguh mendatangkan keraguan dan fitnah kannn..
What's been sold here in this restaurant? Vargina like cupcake maybe..
hahahahhahahah! Lucah sungguh hari ini.. Aiyoooo...

Monday, March 19, 2012


It's been a few days since the event started.. and almost every nite I can hear from my balcony the noise of the cars.. and just now they just announce dthe last winner for SMS contest with the prize.. Proton kontot yg tak laku tu.. apa kenama tahhh.. Tiara kot..heheheh!
so on the last day of the event, I went to check out what's so hoo-haa about it.. as everyday I didn't see cars queuing up, jam here and there in esp. in front of the stadium and such.. and true enough.. takdak apa pun..
tak ramai orang.. tak grand sangat pun.. and nothing much to see.. boring!
but the new Persona that has been a talk of the town nampak macam quite nice on the track..
and the concept car.. town car tu pun looks nice.. itu je la yg nak dibanggakan sikit pun.. other than that, just a few Proton wannabe junk cars..
and more to it.. it's more to Lotus showcase with the models yang tak bermaya langsung.. heheh..
sorry la ye tuan2 puan2.. kureng menyengat sikit la..
I think I spent more time makan laksa yg tak sedap langsung tu at one of those gerai tu la.. and decided to go back right after that..

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Many told me about this place.. and dah a few time lalu depan kedai ni.. but never have a time to stop and makan kat sini..So today I finally have a chance to go bertemankan lalingku nan sorang tu.. located at the junction of Pintu 1 nak masuk Putrajaya, at Kg Abu Bakar Baginda, it's quite a hassle to park here..
ramainya orang makan kat sini.. ordered nasi dagang ikan aya and nasi dagang ayam.. at first I thought it's a good thing it's Terengganu style punya nasi dagang.. but unfortunately, rasanya biasa aje.. acar pun takdak.. maybe for KL's standard, kira sedap laa.. but being half Ganung, what I always had kat Ganu tu 1000 times lagi sedap la pada yg kat sini.. nasi je style ganung but the kuah mmg Kelate style la.. adoiiii! tak suka tak sukaaaa...sorry la ya tuan2! not to my liking la..


Sunday.. another jogging day.. this time near my house @ Bukit Commonwealth.. jalan je from the house to this place.. another 3 rounds of jogging slow2 around the lake.. and panjat bukit yg tinggi tu..
sungguh penat.. but the view is breathtaking..
yeayy! completed my target nak jogging over the weekend..
next, nak isi perut la pulak.. lapaq ni dah penat2 jogging kannn.. so.. Nasi Dagang Kak Mah Putrajaya.. here I come...


This is an event that I hafta go for my photography outing.. tak kira laaa apa jua rintangan yang melanda.. heheh..
We got here rather early in the evening.. only to know that the balloon show will only start at 6pm onwards.. weird! unlike last years, there were balloons all over the air.. making it such a breathtaking scenery of putrajaya.. but this year.. pelikkk! satu belon pun takdak filling up the air.. and they call that Balloon Fest.. hahahahha!
a few activities going on along the tasik.. and lots of people filling up the space.. atas rumput pun penuh.. and then only after 6.20pm, the whole place turned into the wonderland..
one by one balloons filling up the air.. and lots more waiting to be relased..
the night scenery nampaknya lagi cantik.. wonderful view la with the bridge's background.. memang breathtaking..
cakap byk tamau la.. checkout the photos..