Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dah lama rasanya tak pi Pavi.. so the Saturday dating outing pegi la ke Pavi for makan2 outing la.. apa lagi.. terus pi serbu Tony Roma's.. the first time.. usually asyik dgn Chilies or TGIF or Italiannies.. try la something else pulak kann.. got ourself the appetizer ala2 triple platter @ Chilies tu.. yg ni ntah apa la namanya tah.. can't remember.. sedapp.. not bad.. but still can't compare to the one in Chilies or even in TGIF.. Main dish.. Grilled Lamb.. sungguh sedapppp.. serious! this is too good that we enjoyed it with hand aje.. dah hilang dah table ethics ka, poise ka.. bantai je dgn tangan.. heheh.. the lamb is moist and cukup semua rasa, and the mashed potatoes, to die for.. really yummy laaa.. must try la bro..
All in all, Chilies is still the best for me.. all the time.. heheheh! Next... tgk movie pulak..

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