Sunday, March 18, 2012


This is an event that I hafta go for my photography outing.. tak kira laaa apa jua rintangan yang melanda.. heheh..
We got here rather early in the evening.. only to know that the balloon show will only start at 6pm onwards.. weird! unlike last years, there were balloons all over the air.. making it such a breathtaking scenery of putrajaya.. but this year.. pelikkk! satu belon pun takdak filling up the air.. and they call that Balloon Fest.. hahahahha!
a few activities going on along the tasik.. and lots of people filling up the space.. atas rumput pun penuh.. and then only after 6.20pm, the whole place turned into the wonderland..
one by one balloons filling up the air.. and lots more waiting to be relased..
the night scenery nampaknya lagi cantik.. wonderful view la with the bridge's background.. memang breathtaking..
cakap byk tamau la.. checkout the photos..

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