Friday, February 27, 2009

Makan2 => Pan Mee Soup

I don't know about others, but I always crave for Pan Mee Soup.. which I bet not many like it.. heheh! and the stall in Avenue K FoodCourt is simply good at preparing it.. It's very soupy with the self made noodle, and lots of of mushrooms, chicken and anchovies.. simply enough to make me come back for more.. heheh! Check out the stall.. and get yourself one! Simply awesome..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Movie => Upin dan Ipin

It's a Malay based cartoon.. and it has been a talk of town since lst week.. even a few friends of mine went to watch.. and stressed to me that this is different .. and when I said that I don't watch cartoon, they insisted that this is a must watch movie.. and they even got me a ticket.. so I hesitantly join them..Synopsis:
Ada sesuatu yang mengganggu ketenteraman Kampung Durian Runtuh. Penduduk kampung menyebarkan cerita tentang kewujudan suatu makhluk yang menggerunkan menjelang waktu malam, namun tiada siapa yang berani mencari kebenaran disebaliknya... Sehinggalah Badrol dan Lim, serta rakan-rakan baru mereka terjerumus ke dalam misteri tersebut tanpa disengajakan. Seekor haiwan aneh yang tidak diketahui asalnya, menjalin persahabatan dengan Rajoo dan membawa mereka semua ke suatu pengembaraan, jauh ke dalam hutan hujan Malaysia yang penuh dengan hidupan liar, termasuk seekor ular gergasi yang mistik. Sertai mereka, dalam mengungkap misteri dan merentasi cabaran di sekitar keindahan panorama flora dan fauna Malaysia.*** In a way, it's quite a nice movie, the plot is simple, the characters are funny and the animation itself is very nice.. except at some point they exaggerated too much of the giant snake and giant leeches which doesn't seem to match the overall movie plot.. It's full house.. and I think everybody seemed to enjoy the movie.. The movie is watchable, and I enjoyed it too.. it's nice to get the family to watch it..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Jusco Sale

It's Wednesday.. and I had to hit the gym as usual.. to my surprise, the traffic jam was crazy today.. and the parking lots are kinda full with cars.. which is quite weird.. MV won't be this full usually, especially during the weekdays.. I'm still puzzled, but at last I figured out what caused it.. it's the Jusco Sale only for the cardholders.. and almost all the crowds gathered at the entrance to get in.. I decided to check it out.. and got ready with my Jusco Card to get in.. again to my surprise, the electrical department only gave 5% discount off the price, and the clothes really looked like the old stock.. how frustrating! and with so many of them in the premise.. it's so badly packed that to walk peacefully also became almost impossible! especially Men's department.. they even have the promoter with hailer shouting at the customers for cheap sale and discounts.. 20 minutes later, I became so restless.. So I quietly made an exit and went straight ahead to the gym..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Laptop Bag Replacement

At first, the zip of my lappy bag was ruined and since it's still on warranty, so I sent to the shop for them to fix it.. and after 2 weeks of waiting, I finally got a call to collect the bag.. only when I was in MV to collect the bag, I am so shocked to get a brand new bag as a replacement for the ruined one.. free of charge.. Yeayyyyyy!I was so happy that I started messaging a few of my friends, and the reply that I got from Puan Sri was the most interesting one.. An exact quote from her 'Now, if only you could send in an injured girlfriend and they gave u a brand new one instead' Well.. if only one can do that.. I wonder how the world can turn into.. hehehe!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Makan2 @ La Rambla Cafe

It's Monday.. and I'm really not in the mood to start work early in the morning.. and I believe almost all of us do.. heheh! Most of my time is occupied this morning.. and we all hafta finish it before lunch as there will be our team's lunch later.. Team lunch was at La Rambla Cafe.. which is located just downstairs.. and most of the dishes are the combination of French and Italian.. like pizza and pasta.. Some info on the cafe: There is plenty to choose from the range of appetisers, salads, soups, mains of meat and seafood and desserts. There is also a choice of pastas and a range of oven baked pizzas served with a variety of toppings. In addition, there is a selection of Western mains and a small selection of local dishes.
This is my first time here and I'm gonna order something good.. and since there are a lot of us, almost all of us ordered different dishes.. and I ordered Salmon Pasta, which turned out not as I expect.. My thought was the salmon is grilled, and somehow what I got was raw salmon to be eaten with the pasta.. kembang tekakku.. hahahh! One thing is everybody seems to focus on their own food, and not really tried tasting each other's food.. which immediately made me miss my makan2 friends.. we always ordered different food, and start tasting each other's food once it arrived.. that way we get to taste different food.. and how it tastes like.. heheh! well, what to do.. too bad!The vegetarian pizza was nice too.. and almost all gave a good feedback on the food.. will come back for more food next time..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Beautiful Aquatic Fish

Weekdays had been busy for me.. So busy that I have no time to even check my blog.. Busy with documentation and kick-off event.. which was a successfully event on Friday.. praise to god! So, Saturday is a lazy day for me.. I wouldn't wanna touch anything from work.. except de-stress and have time for myself.. relax and later gym at MV in the evening.. While I was walking my way to the gym, I saw Pets Wonderland.. and suddenly realized how long I haven't been to check out the pet fish and aquariums, and I decided to make a short stop.. what attracts me the most when I entered the premise was a giant aquarium with saltwater aquatic fish in it.. simply breathtaking!I've been a fan of aquatic fish since forever.. and the thought that a nice huge beautiful collection of them for sale interests me a lot.. Check it out:Wonderful eh? I'm craving for this aquarium to be at my home.. abut the thought that the maintenance would be very high, plus the fish needs extra care and numerous attentions make me hold on to it first.. I just wish that someday I could build one at my home..
P/S: Just for Kerel who asked for Duyung.. sorry, this one is taken.. hehehe!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Working From Home

It's Monday.. and it's the muscle injury that I had and limping that still continues until today, and it's hard for me to even walk this morning.. so I called the office this morning to request to work from home.. I've gotta settle a few ground works and documentations for our new project.. and ended up spending my quality 8 hours in front of my lappy, cracking my head to come out with a few logos to present to the management.. what a day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tanjung Malim Yik Mun's Famous Pau

After a refreshing hours at the waterfall, what more to do than to find a stall for a refreshing drinks? and a must place to go when one is in Tanjung Malim.. Yik Mun Pau.. It's a really famous place for KL people especially to go for breakfast especially on weekends.. and the famous Pau is a must to eat with the local black coffee.. simply amazing... I'm supposed to order my usual Roti Kawin, but unfortunately it's all finished by the evening.. so I ordered Pau Daging (meat) and Pau kacang (blackbeans), which is still delicious.. layan je laaaa...Seems like the crowd is all full having tea break here.. and later drove back to KL slowly from the tiring mandi2 and a full stomach..

Trip to Kalumpang Waterfall

It was yesterday that we went to the waterfall in Tanjung Malim.. it was on a very short notice and I didn't really prepare for it earlier.. I'm still in pain from muscle injury from gym.. but this is a new waterfall that we are going to visit.. and I can't miss this opportunity..So it's about an hour drive via highway to Tanjung Malim, and right after the toll, turn to the right until you find Kalumpang town.. follow the signboard to Kalumpang Waterfall.. and walla.. it's a marvelous waterfall awaits you here..The ice-cool freezing water, the fresh smell of the leafs and water, the fishes swim between the slippery rocks.. it's all a perfect combination to spend my time at the waterfall.. Although I was limping, still I'm entitled to enjoy my mandi2 here.. Life's so great when you spend yourself with nature, and connecting with nature at the waterfall.. this is my passion, my love and my soul.. I just love it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lover's Day

It's Lover's Day today.. and I'm sure everybody will be busy with their other half giving and getting flowers, go out for expensive dinners, have some romantic moments, spend time with each other, say nice word to each other.. stuff like that.. heheh!I'm not against this celebration or whatsoever.. people who feels like celebrating it.. will go ahead and celebrate it.. while people who don't will say bad stuff about it, be it because they either don't have a date or they are against this celebration.. am I right? hahahah! But come to think of it, shouldn't we just do it everyday with the one we love? If we love a person, why not show it to them with flowers surprises and stuff every now and then, have romantic dinner together at least once a month or do things together, spend time together as much as possible.. no need to wait until the day.. I think 14th February has been so overrated.. and too commercialized throughout the whole world eversince.. it's the flower shops especially that makes numerous profits from it.. selling roses at ridiculous price.. even the aci who sells flower for Indian prayer also sells roses double the price during the day... hahahah! Dah pandai kau ye aci! More than that, restaurants will come out with out of the world price for dinner, and gift shops will be pack with people buying gifts and stuff.. It can't be denied it bursts the sales for the day to some sellers.. but if people keeps loving and remembering their partner continuously, and keeps giving gifts, flowers and spend the romantic dinner every now and then, they will be more in love with each other, flowers,gifts price and dinner's bills won't be that expensive.. and the world we live in will be a wonderful place to stay.. hahahah! and as for us.. we just take it easy.. and watch how crazy and funny people are getting during the Lover's Day..heheheh!