Friday, February 13, 2009

The Jamming Session

I've been invited by my colleague to check out his jamming session.. and watch him sing songs for his upcoming performance.. which I did attend.. I always wanted to see how these band people practise.. and how they sync between one to another.. and what I saw during the practice was simply superb.. these people are really professionals.. and they are good in what they do... I like especially the lead guitarist who played almost perfect score.. My colleague is the lead singer of the band.. and he sang the songs so nicely.. funny thing is somehow along the way he came out with a crazy idea for me to audition for his band.. hahahah! I'm a karaoke freak person.. but to sing with a band, I don't know.. I asked for another session for me to audition with them.. to check my voice compatibility and all.. it felt funny.. simply can't imagine myself performing in front of the crowd! Run people run... Shrek is about to perform now.. hahahah!

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