Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Visit To Sungai Gabai

It's been about a year and 2 months since I last visited any waterfall.. that is because of my broken arm which needs lots of time for healing.. and being at the waterfall is sort of forbidden for me..but today, feeling quite confident that I'm all healed, and ready to hit the cool icy waterfall, me and a friend headed to Sg Gabai in Ulu Langat for the dip..Sg Gabai is looking ever gorgeous as ever.. and since its Sunday, lots of people were there for camping and picnics.. and we hafta climb million steps of stairs to reach the peak of the waterfall.. with the big pond and slippery rocks.. just perfect to have fun and enjoy the water.. and a shot of a guy posing with the waterfall background.. nice piece eh? I lasted for a few hours under the waterfall.. 'balas dendam' after a year plus not being able to enjoy waterfall.. I'm satisfied to the max.. This trip definitely made my day.. and looking forward to come again in the near future..

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