Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheapest Tea Tarik In Town

Have you ever imagined paying only RM2 for a piece of Roti Telur and two glasses of Teh Tarik in KL? Kenapa? tak percaya? hahahah.. well.. that's the amount I paid for those food I had for the tea break.. in KL, in the middle of the hip and costly Bangsar area.. well.. believe me! Where's the place? It's actually the Kari Kepala Ikan stall behind TMC Supermarket which I mentioned before in my blog.. Along with those roti and teh, there is also an Indian food called Apam Manis, which is quite delish too..The Roti Telur costs only RM1 while a glass of small Teh Tarik costs only 50cent each... crazy cheap.. but not less in the taste.. those Teh Tarik especially.. splendid! I was in shocked when I was about to pay.. and that mamak surely smiled at my shocked face when I gave him that RM2.. again, believe me! hahahah!

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