Saturday, April 24, 2010


Mak and Abah have decided to go for another Umrah trip this year, which is gonna take about 2 weeks.. Went to KLIA to send them for the trip this afternoon.. and quite relieved to see that the group they are travelling with is just a small group so it's quite easy to manage.. Well, I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about so many possibilities.. and so many 'what if' questions, and suddenly it made me worried.. again, I don't know why.. most probably because of so many 'what ifs' that I had in my mind..
All this while,I know that they will always be there in Ganu.. available for me to call them whenever I like.. but now the fact that they will not be around for the next 2 weeks freaks me out.. and again with the what ifs.. Goshhhh! Anyway.. just hope that they will be back in 1 piece 2 weeks from now, safe and sound.. Insyallah..

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Finally, I finished rearranging the garden in my balcony.. and the beutification of the new pond is finally over.. so this is the new looks of my new garden.. now with more grenery.. peaceful to my eyes and theraphy to my soul.. ewahhhhhh! WOuld like to share the photos with Puan Dian who's quite interested in my old pond.. thanks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It was decades ago (6 months back actually!) that I sent a feedback to a quiz by Men's Magazine.. and last nite I finally got a letter from them, informing that I've won a consolation prize voucher for the quiz.. Yahooooo!and what's the prize like? It's quite an expensive facial treatment at 128 Faubourg Salon @ Bangsar Village.. double yahooooo! heheh.. I've only been 'facial'ed once about 10 years ago.. and I've been either giggling or laughing the whole session thinking how odd that may be.. and I don't know how this 2nd experience would be like.. hahah! I need set a date for the treatment day soon.. can't wait!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I promised myself that I will occupy my day today to finish vetting through the documents for my new project that I'm just assigned to.. yeah right! It seems like I can't do anything at home, what more with the TV and their interesting programs.. and the very cozy bed.. food and stuff in the kitchen.. and it goes on and on.. so how can I start with the review? Goshhh...I finally decided that I hafta run away from home to some cozy place where I can find peace for my homework, ad I finally found the Starbucks corridor of BV2 @ 3rd floor.. such a nice place with nice scenery of the skylines of Bangsar..heheeh.. quite a perfect place to occupy myself with my stuff.. and after 2 hours of the confused reviews, I finally had a headache! What a nice present for the weekend.. knowing that the headache will ruin the rest of my day, I finally forced myself to the gym, had a short workout.. and finally able to drive back home safe and sound.. and the headache still remains until now.. Panadol oh Panadol, where are you? Good nite all..

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It is official.. my usual lepak place will be in Midvalley almost every weekend as I will go to the gym there.. and later spend some time getting back to the city life after 5 days of separation in the secluded land far2 away of Putrajaya.. hehe!Well, this week, there happened to be a huge stage in the middle of MV for the Fashion Week 2010.. so I stopped by and checked out the Padini show of the day..Check out the snaps that I managed to get from the event..
Whooo.. those models are huge and tall.. and check out the crowd..macam ulat taik dowhhh! hehehe! Not that interesting so I chow after a few minutes.. nice one though!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm quite busy setting up and updating stuff this whole week.. simply because of this morning's event.. It's only a 20 pax of participants for the session, but the effort's like forever.. not that I'm complaining or have no experience in it.. Well, I used to managed with a team, an event with about 400 participants in 2 sessions, in a Multipurpose Hall with only 3 of us being all rounder.. so this event is rather small and should be manageable! Since I'm in a new project, it seems to give me quite a culture shock after 10 years of working.. seems like everything is reversed to 10 years back, where fax and phone calls are the medium of communication, formal letter is required for all the events, email doesn't seem to be the No.1 formal communication medium in daily work related matters.. and it took forever to get decisions from anybody here.. and everyone works in silo.. culture shock dowhhh! I don't know why.. may be it's me, and I should be able to adapt to it quick.. and back to the event, may be I need to write a post mortem report to the team, and find ways to ensure the future event is smooth sailing..
Nevertheless, I'm happy that the event is successful and we managed to get full participation from all for the event.. I'm happy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Last weekend was a blast when I spent some time in Perak and Penang with my granny and aunt. Nothing much interesting to share during my trip to Penang, except that Farhan, my cousin and his son followed me back to KL.. Well, I was all excited planning my usual must stop places along my way back to KL.. the usual makan2 place that I usually stop for their delicious meal of course..
But this time, what made me quite puzzled was the fact that all the places that I planned to stop.. all closed!! Yummy Laksa of Bukit Gantang, Refreshing Teh Candu of Ipoh, Mamak restaurant of Tesco Ipoh and Chinese Restaurant of Sri Damansara.. all 4 of them.. CLOSED! even one of them is not even in existence anymore.. how odd is that? Well, even Bank Islam building that used to be in Masjid Jamek moved 'I donno where' when we wanted to find for the ATM.. I blame my cousin.. hahahah! but still I'm puzzled.. having him around with me.. things goes upside down to the end... kena mandi bunga la ni.. not me, himmmmm....hahahahah!

Friday, April 9, 2010


More of Misha's gorgeous vocal during the Sony Carnival show..

Misha - Beyonce's song

Misha - Wanita Biasa

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I happened to be in Midvalley for gym, on Sunday (pathetic, I know!) when I noticed that there's a Sony Carnival event on the top floor, and as I entered the place, I immediately focused on the pretty lady singing on the stage.. It was Misha Omar, a big name in Malaysian entertainment industry and a famous singer, and I immediately glued in front of the stage when I saw her singing a few numbers of song.. She's quite pretty, and more importantly, the golden voice of her's.. simply breathtaking, sang a few numbers of the lullabies that simply carried me away.. Simply wowww!! Check out a few numbers that I'm sharing below.. and I believe everyone agrees with me how wonderful her voice is.. Misha - Cinta Adam dan Hawa

Misha - Pulangkan and Bunga2 Cinta

Will share with u soon as I have problems uploading the videos here.. tungguuuuuu!) Misha - Wanita Biasa
Misha - Beyonce's song

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never really like the Malay Asam laksa, don't ask me why, because I don't seem to be a big fan of it.. but since my aunt, Cik Nor insisted me to go and try the laksa in the middle of nowhere in Bukit Gantang so many time, I finally decided to bring my parents to try it.. All the compliments and comments given by Cik Nor all these while about the Laksa, and I finally managed to try it myself..First impression.. WOWWW! such a marvelous taste of the Malay style laksa I can get from this place.. the laksa is so delicious and this is the first time the bowl pf laksa is served with a plate of ulam, sliced bunga kantan and chillies.. simply marvelous.. Cik Nor said even the bihun soup is worth trying, but i didn't manage to try as the bihun soup is all finished by the time we stopped there..
How to go there? Exit at Changkat Jering toll, get to the federal road to Kuala Kangsar, and you can find the stall right after the Bukit Gantang signage on your left.. worth trying! Trust me...