Monday, April 19, 2010


I promised myself that I will occupy my day today to finish vetting through the documents for my new project that I'm just assigned to.. yeah right! It seems like I can't do anything at home, what more with the TV and their interesting programs.. and the very cozy bed.. food and stuff in the kitchen.. and it goes on and on.. so how can I start with the review? Goshhh...I finally decided that I hafta run away from home to some cozy place where I can find peace for my homework, ad I finally found the Starbucks corridor of BV2 @ 3rd floor.. such a nice place with nice scenery of the skylines of Bangsar..heheeh.. quite a perfect place to occupy myself with my stuff.. and after 2 hours of the confused reviews, I finally had a headache! What a nice present for the weekend.. knowing that the headache will ruin the rest of my day, I finally forced myself to the gym, had a short workout.. and finally able to drive back home safe and sound.. and the headache still remains until now.. Panadol oh Panadol, where are you? Good nite all..

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