Friday, June 27, 2008

Thought of the Day on Fuel

I received this photo via email.. interesting! That shows how dependent we are to petrol..I wish there will be an alternative.. or betterstill a replacement to oil/gas/petrol.. whatever people in the world call it.. in a bigger scale.. so it won't burden peopel who depends on that anymore.. not some old expensive shit like solar system and stuff..
Scientist.. get something new in the market now.. please!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back To The Creator..

Things are quite haywire for me now.. I just got a news from my mom that my eldest aunt from my father's side passed away this morning.. she died at 80.. It was such a sad news for me and the family as she was quite close to us the siblings.. and always spent time at my parents house..

She died because of stroke that she had 2 weeks ago.. and God decided to take her away at this moment.. I still remembered my primary schooling years where I always spent a night or two at her house.. and always follow her around whenever she wanted to go to her new house at that time.. Now when we are all turning old, I still see her once in a while.. and she always joked about how I'm so alike with my youngest brother.. and now she's gone.. She's been buried next to the family grave next to her late son, my late grandparents and the rest.. And tonight, a Doa recital (ratib) is done at my house for my late aunt..

I just hope that she will be placed within 'golongan mukmin' and within god's care at all time.. and to all Muslim readers who read the blog, I plead for you guys to recite Al-Fatihah to my Mak Long..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr. KL Bodybuilding Championship

Another event, Mr. KL Bodybuilding Championship was held during the weekend.. ..and would like to share with all the related link..
Thanks again to Mr. Dymen for allowing me to share the link of the photos captured during the event..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Makan2 @ Prawn Mee by Gabai Waterfall

I decided to take a slow drive to Gabai Waterfall, Ulu Langat with a few others last weekend.. Along the way there.. we can see a nice KL view from far.. I used to be a regular here at Gabai for their Waterfall.. and it's been a while since I last went there due to my broken arm.. what a waste! The reason I drove there this time is not because of the waterfall, but none other than the marvelous taste of the Prawn Mee served at one of the stall here.. and to make it more interesting, it's next to the waterfall..Everyone took the Prawn Mee, which cost only RM2.50 each bowl.. and the others took The Noodles soup.. Good thing is the soups/ gravy are all cooked in the claypot.. adding more to the flavor of the food..And a very rare lamp that lights the evening.. It's so amazingly beautiful here.. with the people in the water..and the waterfall view was simply breathtaking.. If ur in stress and need a break, this is a place to be..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mr. Selangor Bodybuilding Contest

Another Bodybuilding Contest, Mr Selangor was held last weekend.. I'm not able to attend it, but thanks a lot to Mr Dymen who took the photos of the event beautifully.. Check out the website:

This is a start of finding the state representatives to compete in Mr. Malaysia.. thus lots of bodybuilders participated in this event.. Yesterday, there was also another event held, Mr. KL.. so I will post the link soon..

Makan2 @ Thai Restaurant Greenwood

Another entry of Makan2.. this I must share with you as the place is so nice.. and the food is marvelously superb.. totally 10 stars out of 5.. This is a Thai food restaurant.. where the food cooked originally by the chef from Thailand, and even the workers there speaks Thai when interacting to each other..The place is located in Greenwood.. and the restaurant is actually the extension of the house.. located behind the Arked Mara in Greenwood.. Let's checkout what we ordered..
Lala in Green Curry
Sweet Sour Bawal (Pomphret) Fish
White Tomyam
Sotong and Udang Goreng Tepung
Ayam Goreng Pandan
Kailan Ikan Masin
Another menu not in the photos: (Missing photos)
- Lidah (Tongue) Masak Merah

- Daging Masak Merah

- Thai Style Assam Pedas

Everything is recommended.. what a superb food they served.. and it's not only me complementing on the food.. but the rest of 7 other people eating together with me.. Totally recommended!

The Euro Fun Park @ Bukit Jalil

Just another event currently held in Bukit Jalil.. Euro Fun Park.. from 15th June to 15th July, 6pm to 12am.. I had a chance to checkout the park.. and it looks like the place is meant to be fun enough.. suits the name.. The entrance fee is quite cheap.. only RM3 per person.. A few rides that we can find here..I'm impressed with this one at the back.. but I don't think I can ride it.. this ride practically throw and roll you up in the air roughly.. and I'm talking up in the air.. Scary!I guess some of the rides are better than the one in Sunway Park.. while some are quite equivalent to the one in Genting... well.. may be with all these rides they offer.. they can come out with another park maybe? heheh! Those nearby Bukit Jalil.. hurry up.. go there and enjoy the rides..

The New Angel Fish

It's been a while since I went to window shop for the pet fish.. and when I did that.. it turned out to be so many bags of the pet fish that I bought from the pet fish market in Jalan Pudu.. heheh!Just sharing the latest addition of my new Angel Fish in the aquarium.. swimming calmly and peacefully.. The black Angel Fish.. and the yellow one..added with the golf Goldfish..a perfect combination of the thin and round shape fishes in one place..I can spend all nite looking at those.. nice eh?

A Visit To The Plant Nursery

Another visit to the plant nursery nearby home..I just love to be surrounded by the plants.. it's so refreshing and cooling.. They have a huge variety of the plants selection here.. but quite expensive and the owner is quite ecsy.. so I won't buy from them unless I have to.. hehehe! They also have the decoration pond with quite a nice selection.. Check out the flora and fauna in the garden.. Simply lovely, eh?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Car Drift @ Bukit Jalil

It's been a few days since Bukit Jalil is full of race cars and vrooming sounds of the engines, I can clearly hear it from home.. It's only today I finally have a chance to check it out..Lots of drifting cars in action.. the drifting motion is simply breathtaking, heartwarming and adrenaline jumping..Cool stuff! Lots people in the area too.. The smokes that came from the car satisfies the audinece.. and the line up of cars interests many more.. The audience gathered after the show.. ..checking out the engine and accesories used for the drift.. lots of mat rempit were there too.. with Toyo Tyre as one of the sponsor I guess.. Spent few hours here.. checking out the show and the cars..The vrooming sounds continued in my head even after I left the place..