Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unfinished Gazebo Project of Mak's Garden

The current progress of Mak's gazebo is about 30% complete.. a few amendments have been made ever since to suit the current environment so we would be able to create a nice yet usable gazebo for our tea/ relaxation place..Anyway.. my uncle changed the original plan a bit where the entrance access has been transfered from the side to the front one.. I'm planning to bring home more and more plants for fill up the empty spaces.. and hopefully we will be able to finish the gazebo project in no time..Meanwhile, my grapes plant is growing like nobody's business.. and the weirdly beautiful flowers are blooming along the fence which has become a trademark for our house.. My mom's happy.. and so do I..
P/S: Do I sound like I'm writing a progress report in this entry? hahahahah!

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