Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Petrol's Price Hike

The gas price is increasing again to 40% starting tomorrow, at RM2.70 per litre.. The people are so packed at the gas stations to fill in the petrols before midnite.. I don't understand why the sudden announcement.. and sudden price hike.. without giving time for people to get ready.. and I just refuse to understand the reasoning of why the petrol price increases suddenly regardless of whatever the reasons the government's giving.. (Courtesy of
I still remember the previous years when the much hated previous PM by the citizens was still in the PM's chair.. things wouldn't be the same.. He still have ways to manage things to ensure the welfare of the people is still in control, because he knows it is within his responsibilities.. but now.. things changed.. People might say that it's not whoever's fault.. but if they can manage overall thing, these subsidies thingy can be managed more efficiently and wisely. I know talk is easier than action but the previous PM had proven us wrong..
Remember when Malaysia was in recession year 1997, we practically lost everything.. but the wise old man that is hated by all managed to control the situation.. and things become normal again within a year.. I just hope that these leaders nowadays just don't give reasons, instead try to settle things and take care of the citizen's welfare more than giving excuses every time the price increases.

To whom it may concern, please do something about it!

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