Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Visit To The Plant Nursery

Another visit to the plant nursery nearby home..I just love to be surrounded by the plants.. it's so refreshing and cooling.. They have a huge variety of the plants selection here.. but quite expensive and the owner is quite ecsy.. so I won't buy from them unless I have to.. hehehe! They also have the decoration pond with quite a nice selection.. Check out the flora and fauna in the garden.. Simply lovely, eh?


Wendy said...

Very nice! May I know where is this nursery located? Like to visit it sometime. Thanks.

NIKO75 said...

It is near OUG Plaza in jalan Klang Lama.. if u r driving along Old Klang Road towards Puchong, turn left when you reach OUG Plaza.. Drive straight to the until you find the second traffic light and turn right.. you can see the 2 nurseries there.. check out both.. very nice and not that expensive..