Saturday, January 21, 2012


Since working in Cyberjaya the last 2 years, mmg la dah jarang masuk KL except bila perlu saja.. so when I saw soooo many bears filling up the entrance of Pavi.. punya la pelik dah macam rusa masuk kampung dahhh.. after a while then only I knew that this is for United Buddy Bears, which promotes living together in peace and harmony..
so there are bears from so many countries representing their culture and perspectives through the paintings on their body.. including Malaysia's own bear that I think isn't that happening compared to others.. So, apa lagi... mulakan sessi bergambar sambil mengecilkan diri agar nampak lebih kurus berbanding dengan bear2 itu.. hahahahah..Wahhh.. happening jugak nooo.. I'm loving it.. heheheh..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yeahh.. I totally forgot that I booked a flight back to Ganu last year.. and it's been a year plus now when I suddenly got an email from Airasia asking me to check-in online.. so here I come.. the unexpected Ganu trip..
Balik for makan2 as usual.. Mak was so happy that I came back she made me a pot of homemade Nasi Dagang.. HEAVEN!! what more can I ask? heheheh.. so again with jalan2 santai lepak2 di KT... it was really an unplanned trip.. apa lagi.. menerai la my new DSLR taking photos here and there.. and getting some kuih from Pasar Chabang 3 in the morning, to getting a plate of marvelous fresh keropok goreng in the evening.. life is so free and easy.. and I'm planning to enjoy it while I can.. heheheh.. jangan jeles aaaa...

Monday, January 16, 2012


jalan2 keliling rumah and snap aje la apa2 yg boleh dijadikan bahan.. heheheh

snap2 lagi..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just wanted to try something new.. and after a new year celebration in the jungle, I'm back to town with a hungry stomach.. so we all marched to the ever famous Nasi Vanggey kat ipoh ni.. tak tau la apa yg famousnya.. tak la sedap mana pun.. biasa je.. and the place they put the lauk.. aiyooo kotor la.. geli tekak nak makan.. but the queue mmg panjang.. tak pahammmm! Kat mana tempat ni? taktau la nak explain..
Lepas makan nak kena minum lagi.. and this time serbu to the most famous soyabean in Ipoh.. Funny Mountain.. sodappp! minum sampai kembung perut.. then thinking about balik kl.. babai ipoh!?

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's new year.. and I'm far away from KL celebrating the new year by the waterfall..paling penting.. unlimited supply of durain.. so let's berkelah laaaa.. yahooo!durian yg super duper sedap.. air waterfall yg dingin bila dicelup kaki.. and makan ala2 kampung yang sungguh sempoi dan sedap.. fuhhh! power la this breakaway from KL this time.. best2.. enjoyed myself to the max!