Monday, February 28, 2011


I was at the Ganu airport waiting for the flight back to KL.. cehcked in rather early. and still have ample time to check out the airport.. which is rather frustrating to me.. Claimed to be international airport, which rumoured to clinch a few deals with Singapore, China and a few countries for direct flight straight to Ganu, it is such a small airport with so limited spaces.. keciknyaaa! tak nampak international langsung compared to KB and even Alor Star airport.. even the waiting areas here only have small and uncomfortable wooden bench.. no proper chairs for waiting areas, not many shop lots available, only 1-2 cafes with limited choice, no McD or KFC available, and quite gloomy la for an airport.. macam malap2 bilik tido je.. heheheh! what happened? Tapi one thing that I respect is the ability of the architect to still incorporate the element of traditional in the landscape and interior of the airport.. so cantik.. if only those ukiran and traditional touch were highlighted properly.. rasanya lagi nampak gah kott.. May be I'm expecting too much for a new airport... but looking at the building itself made the expectation goes higher that I got quite frustrated.. Rumor has it that they are going to enlarge the airport soon.. really hope it's gonna be worth the investment.. god will..


Alang2 ada di KT, there are so many Ganu traditional food that I must eat.. getting all these Ganu food reminds me of the good old childhood days where I usually bought these kuih2 for tea time..
1. Laksa/ Laksam Terengganu
Nice laksa or laksam with santan gravy and lots of fish. Eaten with ulam2 and sambal belacan. My favourite!!2. Koleh Lemak
Abah's favourite when I was small. Somehow, he is not keen into this kuih anymore these days. Some white rich and creamy thingy with the fish on top.. definitely not my fav laa.. heheh.. 3. Beka Ubi
Not my favourite too.. but nice to eat every once in a while.. the bingka covered with white creamy sauce.4. Lompat Tikam
Funny name huhh? I don't know why it's called that way.. but it's surely a nice kuih to eat once in a while.. donno how to describe it.. the kuih eaten with gula melaka.. quite sweet, but the mixture of sweet, creamy and plain makes it nice..worth a try!5. Pulut Lepa
The Ganu version of pulut panggang, but with the fish inti.. definitely my brother's favourite he can finish 12 pieces of that alone ok! gilerr.. the famous one next to sekolah agama in Ladang.. sedapppp! So many more kuih Ganu that I still haven't tried.. will definitely try it again the next round of balik kampung soon.. arghhhh! all the childhood memories semua flashback balik.. I miss those days!


Yahooo.. at last I managed to get myself a DSLR.. lepas ni nak tangkap gambo byk2.. nak belaja teknik camera byk2.. nak shoot marvelous photos banyak2..
ada la semua benda nak jadi bahan nak snap photos lepas ni.. heheheh..

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Procrastinate.. lengah2.. last minute!! That the best description for me.. well, today is the 2nd last day for people to pay their fine.. and me too, still haven't paid my fine yet.. and after the full force from mak, plus this is the 2nd last day, so I went to the post office KT to pay my saman.. passed by the police station and saw a long queue of people trying to catch for their 50% off saman.. Reached the post office, only to find out there's huge crowd and a long long queue.. immediately got myself in the queue, and later found out that the couple in front of me had 40 summons.. Goshhhh! gile ke apa.. taktau la how much he's gonna pay.. Checked mine and got 6 pending summons.. and hafta pay RM330 for all.. adoiiiii... terbang duit! mostly all of them were from the Wira's time.. cisss! Lesson of the day.. jangan tunggu last minute nak bayar saman.. kena queue panjang gilerr.. another lesson is drive safely at our utmost care.. hahahah!! yo yo oooo je!


It was annouced recently that the East Coast Highway (LPT) will be completed and opened in 2012.. goshh! it's been dragging too long already.. after all the political cling and stuff, the longgg awaited highway is yet to complete.. macam kena anak tirikan je Ganu ni.. the long hours of driving from KL is a pain in the ass.. Can one imagine the long 6-8 hours of driving.. half of it not even a highway ok... panas bontot ok dok dalam keta!!anyway, my dad brought me to check out the partly completed highway in Ganu.. which started from Bukit Payung and ended in Tok Jiring area.. lots of constructions still in progress.. even the road accessing to the LPT is still under construction.. donno whether they can make it by 2012.. but quite happy that at least they are making a huge progress on this one.. I'm sure the people in skyscraper KT threads will be happy to see the progress too.. and these are the photos of the jalan2 atas highway yang belum dibuka.. Cepat2 la siap.. fuanggggg!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Mak has booked me for her small garden project.. and we need to get a few pasu for the plants.. So we all went to the ever marvelous nursery in KT.. went almost crazy checking out the plants here.. the arrangement is made as if ur lost in the middle of a beautiful garden..
all the plants are fresh and healthy.. and the variety of pokok here really makes me running around here and there, like kids in Toys R Us.. well, yeah.. that's me with plants.. I got excited too fast with it.. heheheh! Anyway.. thank god I didn't drive back.. else I know I'm gonna spend like mad for these plants.. semua cantek2 ok.. Mak also went crazy with the variety of orchids here.. and she ended up getting one.. and that doesn't stop there.. had all the pasu and pokok paku and all.. added with the orchids.. we all had a blast gardening at home.. Mak haiiiii.. if only I have a landed property habis la semua jadi kena pejera dengan aku jadi garden.. heheheh!


Landed in Ganu safe and sound at a gloomy Sultan Mahmud Airport last nite.. it's so weird to see the airport is quite dim and quiet.. ideally, an airport should be all bright and alive.. and considering it's only 9pm, almost all of the shops were closed, even 7-11.. weird eh.. really weird! dahhh.. merepek pasi airport dah pulakk..
Anyway, it was early in the morning, and I was on the hunt for nasi dagang.. abah was telling me about the best nasi dagang he had recently, and we all decided to attack the place, very early in the morning, ok! The place is called warung Azizah.. and it is right in the middle of nowhere! Don't ask me how to get there, confirm tak reti nak explain! but I know it's near SM Sheikh Abd. Malek.. and the nasi dagang? woww, woww.. superb.. memang the best I ever had since Nasi Dagang Haron way2 back during my childhood time.. the gravy is so good I just asked for it alone without the nasi.. and that is after my second plate laaa.. heheheeh! totally best best kaboom da boom.. Confirm esok datang lagi.. that I promised Kak Azizah already today.. hahahah!

Friday, February 25, 2011


There's a statement from Syabas yang mengatakan the pipe water in Malaysia is safe to drink and the usage of water filter will loose its quality and the chlorine treatment that they've done..
I believe we can count la places where the pipe water is really clear.. and what more with people wanna drink the water straight from the pipe.. ngeri ok! Here's the evidence..
I washed my water filter every 2 weeks.. and check out how safe the quality of water that Syabas claimed boleh minum terus.. I think they've never seen this.. or buat2 tak tau.. hahahah! what a joke..! The bersih lagi suci water filter after menyental tak ingat dunia.. taraaaaa! So its not just about the amount of chlorin that you put that counts.. other factors like this also hafta be put into consideration jugak la in order to drink the pipewater.. which I think nobody sanggup if tengok these photos.. So morale of the story.. sapa nak beli water filter.. message me! hahahahahahah!


It's always my dream to have a garden balcony.. what more with a splendid view of one of my flatmate's balcony a few floor's down which I always I started small with getting a few additional plants with the hope to green the balcony more.. a few of my plants are getting bigger so I can place them as the main characters of the landscape.. bought a few wooden chairs from Ikea to suit the garden mood of the balcony.. and lastly put some more fishes everywhere the source of water are.. in the old pond.. in the water plants.. complete with the appropriate lights to highlight the the pond at nite.. and taraaaaaaa! done deal for my balcony garden.. which after this I will be syok sendiri duduk kat balcony sambil menikmati pokok2 hijau with the golf curse background.. sungguh mendamaikannn...
Question is, lepas ni rajin ke nak menyiram pokok2 ini??? hahahahah...


Weekend.. really looking forward to weekend..
I'm gonna be's gonna be a relax and peacful weekend for me this week..
Can't wait...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My back pain is getting worse from the bowling actions last nite.. and I've been going to those paid massage chair for a temporary relief.. RM1 = 3 mins.. ok la tu kan.. tapi sakit jugak pinggang ni.. adoiiihhh!
So when a friend went to OSIM to try out a few massage equipments, I too took the opportunities to massage jugak.. and after long waits and endless explanations from the salesgirl.. i ended up buying U Papa Hug for back massage.. adoiii! terperangkap jugakk.. but good deal beb! suka, suka, suka.... Sooo... now that I have my UPapa, I can massage my back all I want all nite long.. yahoooo!