Saturday, February 26, 2011


Landed in Ganu safe and sound at a gloomy Sultan Mahmud Airport last nite.. it's so weird to see the airport is quite dim and quiet.. ideally, an airport should be all bright and alive.. and considering it's only 9pm, almost all of the shops were closed, even 7-11.. weird eh.. really weird! dahhh.. merepek pasi airport dah pulakk..
Anyway, it was early in the morning, and I was on the hunt for nasi dagang.. abah was telling me about the best nasi dagang he had recently, and we all decided to attack the place, very early in the morning, ok! The place is called warung Azizah.. and it is right in the middle of nowhere! Don't ask me how to get there, confirm tak reti nak explain! but I know it's near SM Sheikh Abd. Malek.. and the nasi dagang? woww, woww.. superb.. memang the best I ever had since Nasi Dagang Haron way2 back during my childhood time.. the gravy is so good I just asked for it alone without the nasi.. and that is after my second plate laaa.. heheheeh! totally best best kaboom da boom.. Confirm esok datang lagi.. that I promised Kak Azizah already today.. hahahah!

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