Friday, February 25, 2011


There's a statement from Syabas yang mengatakan the pipe water in Malaysia is safe to drink and the usage of water filter will loose its quality and the chlorine treatment that they've done..
I believe we can count la places where the pipe water is really clear.. and what more with people wanna drink the water straight from the pipe.. ngeri ok! Here's the evidence..
I washed my water filter every 2 weeks.. and check out how safe the quality of water that Syabas claimed boleh minum terus.. I think they've never seen this.. or buat2 tak tau.. hahahah! what a joke..! The bersih lagi suci water filter after menyental tak ingat dunia.. taraaaaa! So its not just about the amount of chlorin that you put that counts.. other factors like this also hafta be put into consideration jugak la in order to drink the pipewater.. which I think nobody sanggup if tengok these photos.. So morale of the story.. sapa nak beli water filter.. message me! hahahahahahah!

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