Sunday, February 27, 2011


Procrastinate.. lengah2.. last minute!! That the best description for me.. well, today is the 2nd last day for people to pay their fine.. and me too, still haven't paid my fine yet.. and after the full force from mak, plus this is the 2nd last day, so I went to the post office KT to pay my saman.. passed by the police station and saw a long queue of people trying to catch for their 50% off saman.. Reached the post office, only to find out there's huge crowd and a long long queue.. immediately got myself in the queue, and later found out that the couple in front of me had 40 summons.. Goshhhh! gile ke apa.. taktau la how much he's gonna pay.. Checked mine and got 6 pending summons.. and hafta pay RM330 for all.. adoiiiii... terbang duit! mostly all of them were from the Wira's time.. cisss! Lesson of the day.. jangan tunggu last minute nak bayar saman.. kena queue panjang gilerr.. another lesson is drive safely at our utmost care.. hahahah!! yo yo oooo je!

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