Saturday, February 5, 2011


The kids slept over at my house for 3 days.. and I promised them for an evening at the beach.. a Petrosains treat.. and unlimited swimming at the clubhouse.. quite a good deal huhh? The kids were so happy with the plans they can't wait..
So I drove all the way from KL to the ever far Bagan Lalang.. Godd.. so many people around like nobody's business, CNY holiday maaa.. kesian org KL dah tak tau nak pergi mana for the holiday they ended up spending time with the family here.. Bagan Lalang is somehow upgraded already now, it looks different.. the resort is already completed.. the traffic system changed.. the landscape looks reasonable now.. the beach is quite happening nowadays.. and the ikan bakar place.. goshhhh! giler ramai orang laaa..I let the kids play around with the sand.. used their own creativity to build a sand castle.. and true enough.. they tend to be more creative after their first experiment at Batu Buruk.. and while they were busy with the sand, I too enjoyed people watching, and sunset watching too.. sambil bermuhasabah diri.. tenang jiwaku sekejappp... hehhehe..! lots of things happened to me lately and having my time in this place gave me time to strengthen back some of my thoughts.. I'm tired laaa.. The water was quite dirty I won't let the kids play with it.. and we all left soon before it gets dark.. but all in all, we enjoyed our moments at the beach.. and finished 5 burgers while spending our time here.. kuat makan betul la budak2 ni.. hahhahaah!

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