Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Donno where to go for dinner plus this is one of the only famous place for makan2.. we all decided to wallap at Topspot.. Mak aihhh.. ramainya orang kat sini.. this place is new to the rest of my colleagues, so I must recommend them something good.. So.. makan la we all kat ABC stall.. Yummy! power la dia punya food.. Must Try!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


It was such a hectic week last week, as we were all busy preparing for this week's work trip to Kuching.. and this is gonna be the longest trip ever to Kuching.. 2 weeks camping in Kuching for the first phase of our new project.. This is where we are camping for the whole week.. such a nice place.. nice scenery.. good ambience.. and very2 nice people.. looking forward to spending the whole week here..

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Another makan2 session with the pretty ladies @ Chillies.. Occasion? Dapat bonus.. so wajib kena belanja kawan2 la kannn.. plus belated bdy treat for me.. whatever it is.. kita enjoyyyyy!! (sambil angkat sebelah tangan)dgn awek2 jambu muda yg join the session.. heheh.. Apakah yg diorder? Wonderful grilled lamb.. plus ribs.. plus Monterey Chicken.. coupled with nachos and triple play.. gilossss.. makan2 sampai perut buntang.. I like..
Thanks beb for the belanja.. ada hari belanja la lagi naaaa.. heheh!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Apakah yg dibuat?Hahahahah.. sempat lg la lalat ni quickie on my table.. cehhh!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today is Mak's birthday..
tapi tak dapat nak balik to celebrate the birthday with her..
Wanna buy a present that she has in her wishlist.. heheh!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Haaaa.. dengar nama pun dah exotic gila kan.. It sounds like a very eerie old indonesian character yg full of mystery.. true fact? I don't know who or why it was named as such.. anyway.. that's not the main point.. me and a friend were looking at places to eat in KL when he suddenly 'let's PBB' me.. and I immediately agreed.. hehe.. makan punya pasal tarak tolak woooo..anyway.. it's been ages dah I haven't visited the place.. so dgn tamaknya memilih lauk yang bermacam2 jenis itu.. rambang mata nak pilih wehhh.. and terus wallap tak ingat dunia the moment we sat down.. I have my all time favorite, otak lembu masak lemak here.. rare dish! bukan senang nak jumpa tau.. heheh! who dares to eat otak lembu? I know not many favor that.. hahhaha sungguh sedap.. bertambah2 banyak kali.. and after makan termenung masing2 sebab kenyang sangat.. hahahah! best2!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is the reason why we are going down south.. nak attend wedding Farha..
though the journey was a bit bumpy.. but the trip was worth it.. sedap giler nasi biryani johor kenduri itu.. superb! anyway.. Selamat Pengantin Baru Farha.. panjang umur murah rezeki..


Just too tired to take photos at this time.. barai giler sekor2.. just lepak2 malas here taking photos at the lion's head while watching the laser show at Marina Bay..
nice scenery la.. a very modern city with so many things to offer.. and we did enjoy our stay there!


Took MRT to Orchard Road.. just a strecth of shopping malls with so many branded boutiques along the road.. I just love the architecture of the building here.. just lovely.. took a long walk of Orchard Rd, end to end.. ramainya orang....!! and later found out that we were stuck at one of the malls there buying perfume.. hehe! lapar balik laaa.. hehe!


Took the MRT to Vivo City.. and found out that there's a very high up in the sky cable car.. planned for at least Sentosa trip, if not Uni. Studio.. but due to time limitation, and also budget constraints.. we just decided to take a cable car ride, but seko2 perangai mcm org gila atas cc, nasib baik tk runtuh je cc tu.. nice scenery.. will be there again for the Sentosa trip.. back to Vivo.. and makannnnn! Loo Mee lorrr... sedapppp!


Terlupa nak post kucing yg gemuk sebesar alam kat TP station.. bolaatttttt!From the TP station, took a cab to Bugis st, trying to find the finest Singapore murtabak, only to find out later that we hafta go to Arab St. to get those.. so jalan la try tourist menuju ke Arab St. and found the shop in front of the mosque.. Terus order as we all were damn hungry.. and we took a huge one.. S$12, cukup untuk makan 4 orang.. best! dalam gambo nampak mcm kecik tk cukup je tapi besar gilerr.. sampai2 je terus semua serbu and within 5 mins, habis ok! added with biryani kambing, and later meehoon goreng merah.. semua wallap!
but the murtabak is to die for laaa.. sedapp! memang sedapp!
Next destination, Orchard Road..

Monday, June 13, 2011


Gosh.. it's been a long time since I last went to Singapore.. and this time on a budget trip.. me and a few friends managed to plan for a short Singapore trip.. the actual purpose is to attend the wedding of our ex-colleague in Benut.. tapi since dah turun down south.. why not melencong pi Singapore kan.. hehehTook a train straight to Singapore.. it seems that lately makin byk naik train dah.. which is quite cool.. heheh! the train was delayed by 3 hours.. and we managed to arrive in Tanjung Pagar at about 11.30am instead of 6.45am.. jenuh menunggu laa dlm train.. anyway it's quite interesting to stop at Tanjung Pagar, as the railway station will be closed by June 30.. so this is the last trip, which lepas ni kena stop at Woodlands je la.. jauhnyaaa from town!Along the way, lots of photographers took photos of the train.. and when we reach TP, it's like a fiesta of photo taking.. where everyone seems to snap photos here and there.. sayangnya station ni nak kena tutup.. a very marvelous architecture of the building.. and the interior is just superb la..
Cantik.. memang cantikkk! Credit to Harry for the marvelous photos taken.
Next destination.. Arab street for makan2!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I've been soooo stressed out lately.. and this week, I need some time for myself.. get out of KL.. go some place far far away..I need this vacation so badly.. I really need it.. Yahooooooooooo!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


3 Movies in the row for this week.. caused from the unmanaged maximum stress level.. all these blockbuster movies.. Pirates OTC - what more can I say.. cool stuff.. and Penelope Cruz looks stunning in a dirty dress.. sungguh cantik pirate perempuan itu kann.. and the mermaids.. fuhhh gansa sungguh.. very creative of them to turn such perception of a lovely fairy tale creature into a monster.. cool stuff! anyway.. nothing wrong with Orlando Bloom not in the movie.. but I kinda miss Kiera Knightley in the pirates dress.. miss u badly.. hehehehKungfu Panda II - a very charming movie indeed.. all the laughter till the end of the movie (though I kinda fall asleep in the middle of the movie.. hahahah).. but I hate watching it with kids.. bencik bencik.. banyak bebenor tanya pada tgk movie.. sudahnya rasa nak plaster mulut bebudak tu.. kena beli CD la tgk lagi sekali ni.. hehehehX-Men - the history of how X-Men started.. very2 interesting.. tapi I kinda distracted and really pissed off with this one fat chinese lady yg tak habis2 nak jawab call.. dah la tak reti2 nak silentkan phone.. Dey.. nak call tk pyh tgk movie la.. stupid one!
Seems like only 1 out of 3 movies that I was not distracted by people.. hahahhaha! don't understand la these people.. my advise to all.. never2 ever pi tgk movie kat Mines.. you will definitely get pissed off with the crowd.. some sembang2 dlm movie.. some even tell back stories what's gonna be next.. cehh! rasa nak sumbat mulut dgn stoking busuk.. Me? never gonna go there again for my movie treat... NEVER!! heheheh!