Wednesday, June 8, 2011


3 Movies in the row for this week.. caused from the unmanaged maximum stress level.. all these blockbuster movies.. Pirates OTC - what more can I say.. cool stuff.. and Penelope Cruz looks stunning in a dirty dress.. sungguh cantik pirate perempuan itu kann.. and the mermaids.. fuhhh gansa sungguh.. very creative of them to turn such perception of a lovely fairy tale creature into a monster.. cool stuff! anyway.. nothing wrong with Orlando Bloom not in the movie.. but I kinda miss Kiera Knightley in the pirates dress.. miss u badly.. hehehehKungfu Panda II - a very charming movie indeed.. all the laughter till the end of the movie (though I kinda fall asleep in the middle of the movie.. hahahah).. but I hate watching it with kids.. bencik bencik.. banyak bebenor tanya pada tgk movie.. sudahnya rasa nak plaster mulut bebudak tu.. kena beli CD la tgk lagi sekali ni.. hehehehX-Men - the history of how X-Men started.. very2 interesting.. tapi I kinda distracted and really pissed off with this one fat chinese lady yg tak habis2 nak jawab call.. dah la tak reti2 nak silentkan phone.. Dey.. nak call tk pyh tgk movie la.. stupid one!
Seems like only 1 out of 3 movies that I was not distracted by people.. hahahhaha! don't understand la these people.. my advise to all.. never2 ever pi tgk movie kat Mines.. you will definitely get pissed off with the crowd.. some sembang2 dlm movie.. some even tell back stories what's gonna be next.. cehh! rasa nak sumbat mulut dgn stoking busuk.. Me? never gonna go there again for my movie treat... NEVER!! heheheh!

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