Saturday, June 4, 2011


It's been 3 weekends in the row that I spent my weekend up north.. attending to my sick maktok.. she's not in her best condition since ever since.. and I'm very worried of her health condition..She's being hospitalised since last week due to her mild stroke and kidney problem, poor heart rate and bad internal bleeding.. all at once.. making me more worried.. I'm so close with her that I couldn't afford to see her suffer like this.. It's so sad to see her lying on the bed so weak and helpless.. and that makes me soooo worried.. god please give her strength to move on..I'm just hoping that she will be better soon.. so I could see her smile and laughs again.. that I really hope.. insyallah..


famy said...

hi there, i was blogwalking and find yours.

i pray to Allah she'll be fine.

drop by sometimes

NIKO75 said...

many thanks famy.. really appreciate it..

max said...

maktok dah ok tak ?

NIKO75 said...

max.. dah ok sikit..