Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Dah lama gila rasanya tak pegi KLCC ni.. goshh.. god knows how long.. bukan apa.. nothing much there except for the park yg cantik itu.. dan.. errr.. nothing else..
Bila exit to the fountain side, I'm quite surprise to see the skylines dah penuh rounding the view of KLCC.. cantik sungguhhh! I remember time working nearby KLCC dulu still can see the view of the open sky as the background.. now dah penuh dgn bagunan2 condo terpacak surrounding it.. heheh.. tapi.. nice view.. mmg cantik..satu je tak berubah.. the fountain show.. makin lama makin boring.. why la they can't come out at least with the laser show like what Singapore does? asyik2 dok pancut mcm tu je la.. no sound, no lights, no laser show.. takdak trademark langsung! boringgggg!

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