Thursday, May 28, 2009

Movie => Monsters vs. Aliens

Went to watch the movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, the 3g version at Midvalley.. the theatre was quite occupied, mostly adults and only very few childrens.. funny.. may be because the 3g version is quite expensive, with a cheapo 3g visor and only a few countable 3g movements that can be seen.. The movie was so-so, but the 3g version made it worse.. what do you guys think?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weird Papaya

Ever seen a papaya in a papaya like this?Weird huhh? but interesting.. may be one should try to eat the inner one and see how does it taste.. heheh!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sotong Goreng Tepung @ Mengabang Telipot..

One must wnder where on earth is Mengabang Telipot, some even had a hard time to pronounce it.. well, I too have a tough time pronouncing it right.. but I enjoyed the place so much.. why? Makan laaa… what else..
The sotong goreng tepung is simply out of this world, what more with fish and keropok.. yummm, yummm...
Beautiful scenery to enjoy while makan2 here.. making it a perfect place to lepak2 while filling up my stomach.. heheh!

The Precious Pond

The fishes in my pond is getting bigger each day.. and it can't fit the pond anymore.. to some extend i think it's better for me to release it at Bukit Jalil Park.. but out of love and passion towards the fishes, I think I may have to buy a bigger and proper pond to accomodate a better living of my fishes.. and I will but it soon.. Surveyed the price already at Jalan Pudu, and the smallest costs me around RM100.. may be I will get one next month, when I got my paycheck. Just be patient my fishes.. you will get a new home soon..

BirthdayCelebration @ TGIF

It's a friend's birthday and we were celebrating at TGIF.. and a bunch of food on the table..
It's time for the birthday girl to get tortured by TGIF staff..
and a small yummy chocolate ice cream cake as a birthday gift from TGIF.. which I had to finish.. Had loads of fun watching her being tortured.. and again.. happy birthday, girl!!

The CupCakes and Ladies

Has anyone noticed about how melted women are with cupcakes? Somehow I don’t understand how cupcakes can reflect women's soft spot.. I got almost the same reaction everytime they all see the cupcakes... 'Awww.. So cute', 'this one is cute' and all those cutey little feedbacks.. Some even reacts as if they reached their orgasm.. hahahah!A friend brought cupcakes to the office.. and I can hear 6similar reactions from 6 different people, some at different place.. a friend even said that she wanted to keep it and not eat it because it's so cute.. and some even said that men are heartless simply because they ate cupcakes without enjoying the beauty of it... weird huhh? may be now is the cupcakes mania.. and it became a mania simply because the women supported it.. hrrmmm.. I don't know!

The Animal Love..

It was at my aunt's house in Penang that I saw these two cats so in love with each other they will do anything together.. now this is what I call animal love..Why can't human be more like this.. at peace and love each other..

Makan2 @ Padang Kota

Makan2 in Penang has always been interesting for me.. and going to this stall is a must for me whenever I'm in Padang Kota.. What could we possibly eat here? MEE GORENG SOTONG is a must dish to have..Check it out.. it's so good I can finish 2 plates alone.. totally recommended.. heheh!

Dinner @ Nasi Lemak Padang Bola, Kg Baru

One fine day, a few friends asked me to follow them to Kampung Baru for a Nasi Lemak treat.. and the place is none other than another famous Nasi Lemak Padang Bola, also in Kg Baru.. the difference here is that the Nasi Lemak is packed small and nice, and loads of lauk to choose.. check out what we got... One of my friends went crazy over this, and she ate 4 nasi lemak with loads of lauk with it.. never i saw her ate like that.. and now I know how much some people worship good food.. and for this place serving good food, it's worth for us to go there and enjoy it..

Pasar Orang Kaya

I was driving in Seberang Jaya when I saw this sign, PASAR ORANG KAYA.. hahahah! at first I thought i was a joke, but then my aunt said lots of rich people went to this wet market.. and they never bargain when buying stuff there, so that is why it is called as such.. and true enough.. the ayam kampung costs RM16 there.. while you can get one in Jusco at RM9 to RM10..
Well.. too bad.. good luck shopping, people in Seberang Jaya..

New Plants for The Balcony

Got myself new plants to fulfill my weekends.. and loads of it.. so practically i'm gonna be occupied this week. Thought of changing landscape plants to the fruit plants, so I bought Ciku plant, which the fruits already grow now.. and a few other side plants for indoor as well..Pretty much, I'm happy to see the greenery.. and hoping for the plants to grow bigger and bigger as their master.. hahahah!