Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Precious Pond

The fishes in my pond is getting bigger each day.. and it can't fit the pond anymore.. to some extend i think it's better for me to release it at Bukit Jalil Park.. but out of love and passion towards the fishes, I think I may have to buy a bigger and proper pond to accomodate a better living of my fishes.. and I will but it soon.. Surveyed the price already at Jalan Pudu, and the smallest costs me around RM100.. may be I will get one next month, when I got my paycheck. Just be patient my fishes.. you will get a new home soon..


Diyan Wijayanti said...

hello, do you still keep your old pond? and may i know where you bought the "air pancut" i life in arena green bukit jalil. might can get it locally? thx

Diyan Wijayanti said...

hello, did your old pond still with you? if you dont need im interested to have it *wink
and, where you got the air pancut from? could we get it locally in bukit jalil? thanks, diyan

NIKO75 said...

Hi Diyan.. the old pond is so old so I threw it away lready.. Anyway, you can get a proper pond and lots of Koi Fish in Jalan Pudu and the water fountain at the nursery of Jalan Kuchai Lama..happy shopping!
p/s: check out the entry on the new looks of my pond in my latest entry.. hehehe..