Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The CupCakes and Ladies

Has anyone noticed about how melted women are with cupcakes? Somehow I don’t understand how cupcakes can reflect women's soft spot.. I got almost the same reaction everytime they all see the cupcakes... 'Awww.. So cute', 'this one is cute' and all those cutey little feedbacks.. Some even reacts as if they reached their orgasm.. hahahah!A friend brought cupcakes to the office.. and I can hear 6similar reactions from 6 different people, some at different place.. a friend even said that she wanted to keep it and not eat it because it's so cute.. and some even said that men are heartless simply because they ate cupcakes without enjoying the beauty of it... weird huhh? may be now is the cupcakes mania.. and it became a mania simply because the women supported it.. hrrmmm.. I don't know!

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