Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nescafe Booth & Their Photographer

Something funny happened to me today.. I was at Tesco grocery shopping.. and as I browsed thru the Nescafe racks, I saw the Nescafe booth, I said.. “Good, I can use a cup now”.. so I took a cup from the booth guy, when suddenly a photographer came and asked me to take photos at the booth with the Nescafe cup.. I was stunned but still smiled miserably.. and after the photography session, I just took a pack of instant Nescafe for not to frustrate the booth guy, and suddenly, the photographer came again, and take another shoot of me with the booth guy...
It happened so fast that I was puzzled why they didn't approach other people.. even my cousin who was there passed thru too, but didn't get approached and got his photo taken..
Well.. I put back the Nescafe pack I took as I have lots of it still at home.. hehe! but let me check out whether my round face will appear somewhere in Tesco soon.. hahahah!

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