Sunday, January 30, 2011


I was at my brother's house in Gombak.. and it was a full house gathering as my parent was around.. What interests me was the kids playing all sort of games in between cars, fully utilizing the free space between cars.. lari sana sini and soooo happy gelak2 sana sini non stop without even bothering about what happened around them.. isn't is good to be kids? just main, makan, mandi, tido, study.. no need to think about stressful life to make a living.. no problems.. seronoknya!I suddenly termenung panjang looking back at how far I've been living my life.. and what I'm gonna be in the years to come.. ahhh.. bestnya jadi budak2.. like these kids.. memang best kannn?

Friday, January 28, 2011


Lately, I always have problems forgetting to take photos of my makan2 places.. true that I'm not that active as before in finding new makan2 place.. as I ended up going back to the same place again and again..
Anyway.. first.. a place wajibul try.. introduced by my aunt.. a seafood place in Jeram, Kuala Selangor.. quite far nak pegi.. but hey, if the food is worth the drive.. apa salahnya kan? heheh.. the place is huge.. with more than 100 tables around.. the ambience is also nice.. by the muara sungai.. although nothing I can see at nite, but the angin sepoi2 bahasa really helps merelaxkan badan after the long drive.. and banyak variety of seafood around.. and we all yang tamak ini chose huge prawns, squids, huge ikan and kerang.. tak sempat nak take photos as semua kelubur.. and terus wallap when the came.. semua2 including drinks for makan 5 orang cuma RM100 saje.. haaa murah gilerrr.. sila jeles ok..
Second.. makan tak sedar diri again in Ikea.. check out the spring chicken at the front.. dah macam ayam bapak dowhhh.. and ended up not finishing the dish..
Third.. another visit to Mak Tim Briyani.. this time Briyani kambing and apple ribena.. trust me.. sungguh sedap! check out my previous post on the visit to Mak Tim here.. never fail to satisfy my tekak..
Anyway.. jinak kan this pigeon.. rasa nak tangkap buat goreng je..I think I should start my hunt of the best food again.. next month maybe.. heheh.. lagi boolat la akuuuu!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Happy Thaipusam to all indian friends.. So what is Thaipusam?
Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February). The word Thaipusam is derived from the month name Thai and Pusam, which refers to a star that is at its highest point during the festival.
Hope you all have a good one!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Attended a 2-days Influencer Training.. which means 2 days of having to be in a different environment instead of the office.. which is cool for me.. lots of things learnt from the programme.. and lots of thoughts on how to better position what's being taught there into the normal working environment..Lots of videos and written materials in the class.. a few games with token awarded for the right answers.. and more interesting, the chief, the boss and the HR Manager were also there.. and those created some kind of pressure unintentionally.. what more with the feedback and remarks from other participants.. crazy ok! hahahahah!
Well.. it was a good 2 days spent for training.. but sooo not looking forward for tomorrow, pack with meetings from morning to evening.. so not looking forward! hehehe..

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The company's kick off meeting was held almost the whole day on Friday.. Started with makan2, then the meeting, then the gift exchange ceremony, and then the tazkirah, yasin recital, solat Marghrib and solat hajat..Felt so calm and clean when the company did this kind of soulful event, it touches my heart.. it let me feel so close to god, so close to each other, like the famous and glamorous ustaz zul that was invited to the event said, we hafta strenghten our 'hablun minallah' and 'hablun minannas'.. the relationship with god and the relationship between human.. and the event like this makes me feel as such..
Anyway.. I got a motorbike moneybox for gift exchange ceremony, which kinda sarcastically alerts me to start saving money.. wink wink.. hahaha.. kidding! thanks anyway.. and I do hope mak buyung liked my gift to her too.. hopefully!

Friday, January 14, 2011


The gang decided to lepak2 for dinner at Al-Rawsha Jln Damai.. famous for its nasi arab, definitely we ordered a few of those famous signature dishes like Lamb Mandy, Chicken Biryani and also Hummus with the bread.. coupled with Barbican drinks.. marvelous! but still can't beat the Nasi Arab @ Sabaa Cyberjaya.. Still, simply loveeeee the ambience.. huge place to share with all..with many tables that fit all.. best! Makan sampai buntang.. and keep on lepaking until tak larat..


Have you ever face a situation where you are in the middle of a presentation, and suddenly your lappy goes haywire? Gosh!! that's what's happened to me today during my morning presentation to the client, with about 20 people in a closed meeting room focusly listening to the briefing and suddenly......
The lappy went blank, automatically logged off, and hang for quite some time.. and I can't do anything to switch it on.. tried to press all the buttons I can press, escape button, start button, delete button.. u name it.. NOT WORKING!!
Guess I'm not that good in hiding my nervousness, the cold wind started to fill my nerves, I started to sweat, and starting to mumble and eat my words.. and I guess the client sensed my kelam-kabut situation when they tried to comfort with.. 'relaxx.. take it easy..' Darn.. they sensed it and I hate it!!
thank god it only happened for less than 5 minutes, and all went back to normal.. guess what's caused it? the bloody windows updates was actually the cause.. my dear lappy, why la nak update in the morning my dear? You almost ruined my presentation this morning la stupid Windows update..
Morale of the story.. always have another lappy next to me with the presentation slides already backed up safely in the lappy.. I've learnt my lesson this morning.. have you? hehehehheeh..

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The company announced a kick off party to be held tomorrow.. and we all hafta buy stuff for our gift exchange session.. lots of companies have this kinda 'secret santa' session where one hafta pick a name from the box randomly.. and buy a gift for that particular person that shows on your piece of paper.. and in my case, it;s for a pregnant lady.. Gosh!!! can it be any harder?
At first, I thought of getting off easily by buying baby stuff since she's gonna have a baby soon.. but after a while, and after numerous consultation with my fellow colleagues, I was influenced with the idea that I'm supposed to get a gift for the lady, not the baby yet.. and that made it more and more difficult.. me? buying ladies stuff? how naive I am in this kinda stuff.. hahahha!Lots of crazy ideas on what to buy, including preggy blouse, shawl, tudung and stuff.. and it's really a crack in my head, which bring massive headache on what to buy.. but what interests me was when a few suggested that I buy clutch bag or dinner bag or whatever the call it bag.. what an odd and weird thing to buy for a pregnant lady eh? It might make her happy.. or not.. lemme give it a try..So at the very last day I brought a lady friend, asked her opinion what which clutch bag to buy.. and walla.. in less than 30 minutes, everything is done.. silver bling-bling bag picked, paid and marvelously wrapped, waiting to be given to the rightful owner.... I donno whether it's pretty or not.. but really2 hope she's happy with the gift.. heheheh! Now I wonder.. who got my name? and what will I get for my gift exchange? Please stand up....

Monday, January 10, 2011


A not-so-famous singer called Anna Rafalli won AJL25.. GOSHHHH! for real???
Just check out the song.. and you judge it yourself..

coz I totally feel there's a lot more singers who deserve this award more than her.. so what do you think guys?
Anyway... congratulations to you Anna..

Sunday, January 9, 2011


My weekend was a blast.. started off with a cool BBQ dinner and loads of bowling games and movies on Friday night.. we all had so much fun! finished 2 movies, Magika and Unstoppable.. and 2 episodes of Glee.. while the rest of the gang being so havoc with the bowling games.. cool stuff..
Saturday morning with a marvelous lontong jawa at Kg Bharu for breakfast.. stuffed with sambal sotong and paru and a really nice kuah lemak.. it is so delicious that no wonder people always rush to this stall for those yummy lontong and nasi lemak.. One with full stomach then headed to Low Yatt for a hunt of a MacPro.. ZP wanted to get a MacPro for himself.. and I too got myself a cover for my iPhone and the charger..
The night was even better with my so called reunion aka the singles gathering at Zeta Bar.. A fine nite to lepak at Zeta Bar cathing up with each other while doing some people watching stuff.. Nice place to lepak with KLCC background and nice music until later the music became so loud we had to move to another venue, Palate Palette for another round of drinks and finger food.. full stomach.. great times spent with friends..
So what's up for today.. just wake up late.. and spend my quality time at home with some house stuff to do.. and watch AJL 25 tonite.. meanwhile.. cepat sapu sampahhh.. jangan malasssss! heheheh..

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Gosh.. It's been so long that I couldn't remember the last time I wrote.. I've been extra busy lately at work.. with an overwhelming workload that sometimes beyond my handle already.. thank god things have been smooth sailing so far.. and I also promise myself to update my blog more frequent this year..
Anyway.. just wanna wish all... HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR.. 2011..
Hope it's gonna be a good one this year for all of us.. insyallah..
sekian.. terima kasih..