Friday, January 14, 2011


Have you ever face a situation where you are in the middle of a presentation, and suddenly your lappy goes haywire? Gosh!! that's what's happened to me today during my morning presentation to the client, with about 20 people in a closed meeting room focusly listening to the briefing and suddenly......
The lappy went blank, automatically logged off, and hang for quite some time.. and I can't do anything to switch it on.. tried to press all the buttons I can press, escape button, start button, delete button.. u name it.. NOT WORKING!!
Guess I'm not that good in hiding my nervousness, the cold wind started to fill my nerves, I started to sweat, and starting to mumble and eat my words.. and I guess the client sensed my kelam-kabut situation when they tried to comfort with.. 'relaxx.. take it easy..' Darn.. they sensed it and I hate it!!
thank god it only happened for less than 5 minutes, and all went back to normal.. guess what's caused it? the bloody windows updates was actually the cause.. my dear lappy, why la nak update in the morning my dear? You almost ruined my presentation this morning la stupid Windows update..
Morale of the story.. always have another lappy next to me with the presentation slides already backed up safely in the lappy.. I've learnt my lesson this morning.. have you? hehehehheeh..

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