Saturday, January 15, 2011


The company's kick off meeting was held almost the whole day on Friday.. Started with makan2, then the meeting, then the gift exchange ceremony, and then the tazkirah, yasin recital, solat Marghrib and solat hajat..Felt so calm and clean when the company did this kind of soulful event, it touches my heart.. it let me feel so close to god, so close to each other, like the famous and glamorous ustaz zul that was invited to the event said, we hafta strenghten our 'hablun minallah' and 'hablun minannas'.. the relationship with god and the relationship between human.. and the event like this makes me feel as such..
Anyway.. I got a motorbike moneybox for gift exchange ceremony, which kinda sarcastically alerts me to start saving money.. wink wink.. hahaha.. kidding! thanks anyway.. and I do hope mak buyung liked my gift to her too.. hopefully!

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