Friday, December 28, 2012


It's been 2 weeks since I lost a person I love the most in this world.. the love of my life indeed..
Maktok, I miss u so much.. every single moment..
Moga tenang bersemadi & sentiasa Dlm lindungan Allah selalu..

Monday, December 10, 2012


OMG!!!! whatever happened to me laa.. dah almost 3 months since the last entry.. things, as usual, were pretty hectic for the past few months.. plus I was attacked by amnesia (yeay right!!) that I don't even remember my own password.. until tonite it is.. after endless attempts.. it finally worked.. hehehe!

Oh yeah.. had a blast at my cousin's wedding being round the clock general worker, while ramai yang simply had their own sweet time not helping the so called 'gotong royong' kenduri.. but that's me.. tak reti dok diam and simply tk boleh dok saja and tk buat kerja kot.. heheh! but what made me really happy the most was when I managed to sing a song for the bride and the groom.. a wonderful number of Anuar Zain, Sedetik Lebih... funny how weak my knees were while singing, but it all paid off when half of the whole crowd gave a crazy round of applause after I delivered my number.. while org lain nyanyi takda sapa tepuk pun.. kira sedap la tu kotttt! Hahahahahahah!

And tomorrow nite.. will be having a so called potluck gathering at my house.. with Christmas theme.. so there will be stuffed chicken, aglio olio spagetti, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, salads, bread pudding with sauce etc... will update more on it tomorrow..

So sleepy now.. I'm signing off.. see you tomorrow.. hopefully! heheheheh....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I just got to know about the sneak preview of Nissan Almera in Pavilion recently, so apa lagi.. terus memecut dgn lajunya Blackie ku itu terus ke Pavi.. nak sgt tengok dari dekat cemane la rupanya..
Wahhh.. not bad.. a family car indeed.. but what the heck.. macam cantik jee.. check it out!

Too bad blh tgk dari luar je.. jengok2 jugak kat dalam, and I kinda like what I saw.. So how laaa? should I tukar or should I just maintain je my Blackie? Nak tukar sayang bebeno kat Blackie tu separuh nyawa walaupun ada la jgk buat perangai minor2 tu.. tapi nafsu kat Almera membuak2 jugakkk.. adoiii.. cemane ye? Any advise, anyone?


Yahoooooo! I just got to know that LEGOLAND is officially opened in Johor.. and it really makes me sooo happy! True, when I was working on a project in Iskandar Malaysia, they got that planned up as part of the Iskandar development, but I just thought it will still be years from now for the project to materialize.. well, as years passes by, I am just soooo happy that the dream has finally come true..
I still remember during my childhood life, Lego was such a huge brand name for kids that age.. It’s been a dream come true to actually have a set of Lego in so many characters, and so many models.. One can have a set of Lego with huge castle model, another with a complete set of house with the trees and little human like Lego.. and they even have the jet model and Transformer models.. and the list goes on and on and on..
Having quite a limited choice of toys to play with back then, plus we don’t have such video games, PS3 and all to play with, Lego is one of the toys that can build such a creative imagination over how things need to be built. Kids back then really enjoyed the moments they spent with their Lego set, and even some kids gathered with their own Lego set and started building stories creatively from their combination of Lego sets. Awww! Kids those days…
So now that LEGOLAND is finally opened nearby, being the first one in Asia too.. it gives me such happiness just by looking at those photos.. it strikes me how well I can connect to those Lego moments, how kids those days like myself can only daydream of getting drowned in such wishful place full of Legos of our imagination.. I too can imagine how I will be, surrounded by those giant Legos all-around of many models and characters.. And most important thing, it can bring back the joy and happiness of my childhood memories, drown in the wonderland full of Lego all around.. Hey! Adults too can dream about it what… Hahahahha!
 So, with MAYBANK–LEGOLAND Contest , I really really wish that my dreams can be fulfilled by having me as part of the proud ticket owner to LEGOLAND.. so I can take a break from my stressful adult life, sit back and enjoy my Lego moments from the past, and have fun in the dreamy park.. Make my dream comes true dear.. Gimme gimme gimme!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Marvelous.. that's all I can say when I first saw this sofa.. It was love at the first sight.. and I know it's gonna be mine the moment I sat on it.. it was that, and later the gangnam style dance.. on top of yahoo yahoo je yg klr dr mulutku.. hahhaha..
I need to match back my old sofa to the new one.. and that means I hafta do my Ikea shopping soon for the white cover once dapat gaji.. kering kontang bulan ni.. gaji oh gaji.. cepat la kau datang...


Know what? I've been the biggest bimbo the history should know.. buat open house.. ajak the close friends.. but forgot to take any single photos of the day.. adoi makkk.. rasa bodoh sangat...
The turnout was quite good.. almost 50 orang menyerbu masuk ke rumah ku yg kecil itu.. started from 2pm until 11pm baru la clear rumah org balik.. meriah kannn! tapi tu la isyyy.. bengong laaa.. i kept thinking how stupid I was of not taking any photos...

Menu was Nasi Dagang, Pulut Kuning with Chicken Rendang and Makaroni goreng.. and we prepared triffle and agar2 pandan for dessert.. yang lain semua tak ada gambar.. cuma trifle ni saja la yg ada as a proof.. hahahhha! stupidooo..
and I also baked bread pudding with custard sauce the next day as a thank to Mak who cooked all the dishes for my open house.. sedap takk? heheheh


Gosh... I've been totally neglecting my blog.. the usual sin I've always commited every now and then..
These few weeks after Raya were really packed with errands that I hafta settle since my parent's here.. Mak needed to work in KL for couple of weeks.. and since then, sending her to work very early in the morning and picking her from work in the evening were pretty much kept me occupied.. and I mean really occupied.. hehehhe..
Well, I'm not complaining actually.. having them around makes me more organised.. everything was prepared for me, breakfast and dinner.. home cooked everyday.. done! never missed ok... ironing the work shirts.. done! keeping the house clean all the time.. done! and even reminding me for solat everyday.. done! how lovely...
Now that they are back to Ganu.. the house is soooo quiet.. and here comes my bujang life again.. semua kena buat sendiri balik ok... heheheh! Miss them around..

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Time2 nak raya ni mmg macam2 benda nak jadi at once kan.. duit mesti keluar mcm air.. isyyhh.. tension betoi laaa.. latest si Blackie pulak nak mintak tayar raya lepas dah perabih duit kat dia letak carbon sticker.. adoii!
so kena la beli new tyre and letak apa tahh kat tyre tu.. terbang la lagi duittt.. uwaaa! Selamat Hari Raya Blackie ku...

Thursday, August 16, 2012




North Bound (From KL):

1- Km 197.1, Km 198.8 & Km 204.3 selepas exit Kemunting
2- Km 208 & Km 214.8 sebelum exit Kemunting
3- Km 271 berdekataan exit Ipoh Selatan
4- Km 274.4 berdekatan exit Ipoh Utara
5- Km 286.9 berdekatan exit Simpang Pulai
6- Km 296 berdekatan exit Gopeng
7- Km 352.6 selepas exit Sungkai
8- Km 373 berdekatan exit Slim River
9- Km 241.9 berdekatan exit Kuala Kangsar
10- Km 308.6 selepas exit Gopeng
11- Km 252 masa turun bukit selepas terowong Menora
12- Km tak pasti tapi betul2 di R&R Gurun
13- 2 km after tol Juru (90km/j)
14- 5 kamera di atas jambatan pulau pinang (so slow je la kat situ)

PLUS South Bound:

1- Km 289 sebelum exit Nilai Selatan
2- Ada 3 kamera antara Km 255 –Km 249 (Persimpangan Seremban –Senawang)
3- Km 253 selepas exit Senawang
4- Km 213.9 selepas exit Alor Gajah
5- Betul2 di exit Jasin
6- Km tak pasti tapi selepas hentian sebelah Tangkak
7- Km juga tak pasti tapi jambatan pertama selepas exit Yong Peng utara
8- Km 97.3 selepas exit Air Hitam
9- Betul2 di exit Sedenak

PLUS Tengah:

1- Km 456 selepas exit Sungai Buluh
2- Betul2 di exit Bukit Lanjan
3- Betul2 dibawah Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh
4- Km 302.8 berdekatan exit Kajang
5- Km 296.5 & Km 297 berdekatan exit Bangi


1- 300 meter sebelum tol Jalan Duta (60 km/j)
2- Selepas cabang jalan ke tol Jalan Duta (80km/j)
3- Betul2 di exit Damansara
4- Km 11.2 berdekatan rel keretapi
5- Betul2 di exit Shah Alam


1- Km 44.8 berdekatan exit LDP
2- Berhadapan Endah Parade
3- Betul2 di exit Hicom
4- ELITE (Dari arah KLIA)


1- Km 4.8 selepas exit Batu 3
2- Km 2 –Km 4 atas jambatan berdekatan Makro
3- Betul2 kat bawah restoran jejantas USJ
4- Km 10 sebelum exit USJ


1- Bersebelahan Hotel Mint
2- Berdekatan Esso kat exit Salak Selatan
3- Berhadapan dengan Istana Negara
4- Berhadapan dengan Muzium Negara
5- Kawasan turun bukit selepas pekan Raub (Menghala Kuala Lipis)
6- 2 km sebelum pekan Maran (Arah Kuantan)
7- Area Paya Bungor (Arah Kuantan)
8- Selepas exit ke Bentong (Menghala ke LPT)
9- Jalan Gambang –Kuantan (Turun bukit selepas Matrikulasi Pahang)
10- Berhadapan dengan Mini Malaysia Melaka (70km/j)
11- Berhadapan dengan Zoo Melaka (70 km/j)
12- Bawah jambatan dari Banting ke KLIA (80 km/j)
13- Berhadapan dengan Kolej Inti, Nilai
14- Persimpangan Sg Manggis menghala ke Klang (60 km/j)
15- Berhadapan Tesco Klang (70 km/j)
16- Jambatan berdekatan rumah MB Selangor kat Pasir Panjang (70km/j)
17- 2 km selepas sempadan Perak-Selangor di Jalan Sabak Bernam (berdekatan kilang kelapa sawit)
18- Laluan bertingkat antara USM ke Bayan Lepas
19- Jelutong expressway berdekatan Tesco Pulau Pinang
20- MRR2 antara simpang Taman Melati & Wangsa Maju
21- MRR2 berhadapan Mikro Cheras

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I got this from FB.. and it seems quite funny that the way one wore samping can give a clear indication to others.. Is this really true? Or someone just made it up for fun?

Ohh dear.. how I wore m sampings from the last long years of my life? down below the knee all the way.. every single year without miss.. no wonder la takde sapa nak ngorat diriku ini.. mesti depa ingat dah kawinnn.. adoiii... darnnnn! So.. this year kena start pakai samping singkat la ye.. ingat! S.I.N.G.K.A.T! hahahhaha...

Friday, August 10, 2012


Check out the photo below... can you see it moving? I can.. but some of my friends can't.. Pelik jugak..  dah katanya optical illusion sure semua mata nampak benda sama punya kan? heheheh...
So, what say you?

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Malaysian ni mmg suka free stuff indeed.. tak kira apa pun janji free memang semua dipoloknya kannn.. heheh.. anyway, BR today declared a free coop giveaway following the winning of LCW with his silver olympic medal.. from 8pm-10pm.. 2 jam je tau.. so berpusu2 la semua bangsa pegi beratur kat BR mana2 pun ada 63 branches in Malaysia.. macam2 gelagat manusia boleh tengok nak dpt free scoop tu saja.. heheheh.. check it out guys..

photos courtesy of FB

Me? Isyyyhhh.. tak kuasa la nak queue mcm gila nk dpt free satu scoop tu je.. byk lg keja lain boleh buat kannn... hahahahahah!

Monday, August 6, 2012


It is already the middle Ramadhan month.. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the time flows by, and wondering about my good deeds in Ramadan, including going to Tarawih.I must admit that I didn’t go for my Terawih prayers that many times, but I often forgot to take photos whenever I went for my prayers. So, I guess this is the first time I touch about my Terawih prayer, and this is my first entry of the activity this Ramadan.

So, which mosque to go for Tarawih tonight? I’m going to Masjid Wilayah to perform my tarawih. The mosque is somehow so big and amazingly gorgeous at night. Quite a lot of people were present tonight. The imam here recited wonderful verse of Quran with his amazing melodious voice, making it so magnificently beautiful and soothing Quran reading to hear. It somehow touches my feelings, reminds me of many wrong doings and sins I’ve done as a human in this world.

Somehow, Ramadan is a month for the Muslims to perform ibadah, so performing tarawih is like one of the main activity for the Muslims at night. I’m gonna take advantage of the month too, praying and hoping to be a better person in life. Insyallah!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Rumahku banjirrrrr.. believe it or not? I’m staying on the fifth floor.. and an incident happened a few days ago when the pipe with water host actually burst from a very high pressure.. dah la takde orang kat rumah.. and the water kept running out from 4.30pm until 7pm.. it so happened that saliran air pulak tersumbat.. resulted the water to flow daripada my restroom melimpah ke seluruh bilikku.. keluar the dining area, terus ke dapur dan wet area.. causing seluruh dapur dah jadi mcm kolam air.. semua carpet basah lenjun.. and the parquet is ruined.. adoiiii… tensionnyaaaaa…
Spent the whole nite clearing up the flooded area.. jemur carpet n tikar2 sarawakku.. damn tired.. tu la orang kata.. malang tak berbau.. jadi berhati2 la dijalan raya... tension sungguhhhh!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Diam tak diam, Ramadhan muncul lagi.. time passes by so fast sampai tak terkejar kita manusia ni nak saing2 at par with the time.. nevertheless, a very peaceful feelings indeed to welcome the Ramadhan month this year.. and I do hope boleh tingkatkan lagi ibadah dan dapat buat good things during this holy month, insyallah..

Wishing all,  Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah diBulan Ramadhan...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Keroz Nazri - Suatu Hari Nanti

Lately, I just love to hear this song.. I donno who this chap is.. but this song surely makes me so relax sampai tertidooo.. the voice is so pleasant to the ears.. and the song surely sedap didengar for tido time.. ulang2 sampai tertido.. hahah.. so.. enjoy!

Checkout the lyrics too.. I think its just beautiful..

Suatu Hari Nanti -Keroz Nazri
Tersentuh hatiku bila terfikirkan kamu
Kau sering bersandar padaku
Di saat kau lelah

Ingatkah dirimu pada waktu-waktu dulu
Aku sering menyambutmu
Di saat kau jatuh

Akulah aku...
Yang slalu membuat kau tersenyum
Walaupun sering ku terluka
Tapi tak mengapa

Akulah aku...
Kan slalu hadir untukmu
Moga nanti suatu hari
Kau akan sedari...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Another round of potluck gathering with the gang.. and at the same time, they bought me a cake to celebrate my birthday.. hehehe! Thanks guys.. really appreciate it.. Anyway.. siap ada nama Anuar Zain tu yg tak tahan tuuu... hahhahahah! mampus AZ saman guna nama dia..
Now that I'm a year older, and hopefully a year wiser, I really need to revisit and restrategize balik the priorities in life.. kawin pun belum.. settle down betul2 pun kira belum lagi..
terlampau byk lg needs and plans in hand to fulfill with, nak dekatkan diri lg dgn Allah and try to fill myself in as a good human being and a good muslim... dah jauh perjalanan nii.. tapi masih serba kekurangan.. insyallah sedikit demi sedikit nak upgrade jadi yang labih baik dari dulu.. dan lebih matang suitable dgn my age..
Readers.. doakan for me ye.. terima kasihhhhhh...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I heard about this pavlova thingy for quite a while already.. especially among ladies, this pavlova has been a talk around town lately.. but not until last nite that I watched 'The Kitchen Rules' on 702, I just got to know that there's been disputes on the claim over the origin of pavlova between Australia and New Zealand.. much like the claim over sate between Msia and Indon.. and that is where it stucked me that I must try this thingy.. heheh

Went to Midvalley to check the cafe that serves pavlova.. and only one cafe have it, Delicious cafe.. apa lagi.. order satu and share je la.. not that woww sgt laa.. looks very tempting.. but bila makan.. it's not as good as it looks.. well.. at least I know how it tastes.. kurengggg!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Masih lagi about sotong.. heheh.. this time we went to Seberang Takir.. Pantai Teluk Ketapang to be exact to get ourselves semua benda yang goreng tepung.. sotong especially.. yehaaa!

We took the 4 ikan kembong, 3 plates of sotong and a plate of udang.. with the mee and sausage for the kids.. yummy2.. walaupun tak dapat banyak sotong time mencandat.. tapi still nak kena pekena the sotong goreng tepung here.. tak ingat nama kedai dia.. but all in all.. quite cheap laa.. semua cuma 40 bucks je dengan ayaq..

nampak gayanya every trip back to ganu memang akan buntal bila balik kl.. dah la everyday makan nasi dagang for breakfast.. plus melantak macam gila lagi here and there..  buntal.. memang buntall... adoiii!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Another activity managed by the club.. and this time nak pegi mencandat sotong in Ganu.. We all gathered kat LKIM Cendering.. all 13 of us.. and after the photo session and all.. bertolak la ke tengah laut nak candat sotong.. the boat is quite big to accomodate 15 of us.. and the candat place is about an hour away from the port..

Sampai2 je kat tengah laut.. dah ramai yang flat  pasal mabuk laut.. with the ombak quite besar jugak made the boat goyang tahap gaban punya.. semua orang kena telan ubat mabuk laut.. and apparently not all tahan.. and by dawn.. about 6 of us dah tergolek tido depan boat.. hahahha
Candat sotong seems to be quite hard shit jugak.. I only managed to get only satu saja sotong.. yang colour merah tu... hahahah! and the rest ada la sorang sikit.. only dalam 20 ekor je yg dapat.. by dinner time.. more people tergolek dork.. and at last tinggal the 2 last men standing.. all including me dah tergolek mabuk laut.. giler lahhh..
By 2am.. we all decided to go back as dah tk ada sotong yg dpt pun.. and all 11 of us dah tergolek.. and managed to reach the port by 3am.. nasib baik awal since it started raining heavily by 5am.. kalu tak mmg habis la kena pukul ribut our boat..
Being in the middle of the sea at night dengan gelap kelilingnya.. mmg eery giler.. but the experience gained from there... priceless!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's almost the closing time nak hantar e-filing to LHDN.. and I still tak buat lagi.. alamakkk! I'm supposed to go to any of the LHDN's branch terus je buat e-filing kat sana like what I did the previous years.. tapi kali ni mmg tak sempat..
so terpaksa la redah buat jugak online with a very slow response from LHDN's page.. macam siput.. adoihaiii.. rasanya this year it's gonna be a bomb for me nak pay the cukai kot.. mengeluh lagi la niii.. LHDN awat nampaknya dok cari org2 makan gaji je ni nak kutip cukai? pi la cari sama mamak2, org2 bernega tepi jln semua tu kutip cukai jgk? heheheh... mood swing dah ni... Manakah semua resit2 ku? cari cepattt...

Friday, April 27, 2012


Donno whether bloggers perasan ke tak... just recently the admin page for bloggers dah tukar.. 360 degree turning sampai i don't know which button is which already.. the outlook tukar, siap ada chart bagai lagi.. dah la mana nak tekan new post.. mana list of post..

gila betul tak warning awal2.. tiba2 je terus tukar page and expect everyone to know how to use it.. bengong laaa...maybe I don't update that much tu yg bila tiba2 tukar terus buta huruf terkial2 nak click mana bagai.. donno about the rest.. but I personally think that the old layout lagi best la.. lagi user friendly kan kan kannn..
A classic sample of poeple who resists change.. and I'm doing Change Management stuff... hahahah.. so much of quote I always tell people "CHANGE IS CONSTANT, CHANGE IS INEVITABLE"... hahahah!

Thursday, April 26, 2012






A meeting with a good old frined.. and lots of updates and stories came out while we had our soup moments under the hot sun.. campur pulak dengan the slow breezy wind that passed by us under the zink stall, the bursting stories were as hot as the hot breezy afternoon in Kajang Bangi area.. hehehe!
So, banyak la jugak topics that came out was how stingy a person canbe.. and based on the stories that I heard from them.. believe me.. you can't even think that those kind of stingy species still appear on earth.. heheh..
Especially this one.. a very well-doing family who owns everything.. but I almost can't believe how stingy they are, considering lots and lots of money they have..  Here goes:
- This person has been using some of the clothes that aged more than 20 years, and still in good condition; Save! Don't hafta buy new clothes, katanya..
- This person had her daughter to use the scholl uniform until tight, and that school uniform aged already more than a year; Save! kalo org susah paham laaa.. aiyooo! so the daughter is a victim..
- This person just roll-up small amount of lip gloss to apply to the lips; Save! tak boleh bukak banyak2.. Takut habis katanya..
- This person fries ONLY two middle size Ikan Kembung to be shared with 6 people for lunch; Crazy! Even medium families pun goreng banyak jugak ikan goreng for lunch..
- This person, cooked only 2 eggs, fried thin, and cut into 8 portions.. so one person can only take one; Mereng! I can have that only to myself.. haha!
Pelik how some orang kaya punya style la.. pasai tu depa kaya la kot.. hahahha


Once upon a time, about a decade ago.. this was the song that I've been singing my heart out, in the shower, on the way to my class etc during my earlier months of my study years.. This song has brought such great memories to me, as this song really reminds me of a dear friend and a housemate, Ghaz, who died from a car crash during my study years in USA.. He was the one who owned a copy of Casey's CD that I've been listening over and over again there.. He was a big fan of Casey, and I learnt to like the song from him.. Hear it out on Imeem! Well, I think this is such a beautiful song, and this Casey guy sang the song marvelously.. Sentimental.. or jiwang, some may say? Well.. I'm sentimental and I admit that.. and this is one memorable song I treasured so much.. It kinda brought me back to the time 13 years ago.. where it snowed so heavily outside the house, and it's so cold even under my sleeping bag, and the struggle to adapt to the new environment and cope with studies during the first year there.. and this one song in particular can bring me back to those memories.. such a wonderful one at time, and a sad one when we lost our dear friend, Ghaz, and Ita.. Hope both of them rest in peace and always within god's care..

Monday, April 23, 2012


The journey up north was smooth sailing.. after a short stop kat Kuala Kangsar for my officemate's wedding, shoot straight ke Penang.. hajat nak visit my maktok in Perak but she went out with my uncle.. so apa lagi.. terus merempit ke penang laaa..
My aunt plak ajak pi dinner kat Nasi Kandar Beratur.. so drive la dalam traffic jam till sampai ke destinasi.. mak aiiihhh! panjangnya orang dah beraturrr... the place opened at 10pm.. but the queue was so longg even depa tak bukak lagi.. gila laaa queue for more than half an hour just to get a plate of rice tengah2 malam buta ni..
Lots of selection la nak pilih, but I think not worth the queue la for the dish yang lebih kurang sama dgn tempat lain which kita tak payah beratur pun.. Recommended for those yang sabar nak menunggu nak beratur.. but I think pi mamak lain nak makan nasik kandaq kat penang pun lebih kurang sama jeee.. your choice.. hehehheeh!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Bengong betoi la.. baru nak pegi cabut to the north for my friend's kenduri, battery keta pulak dah kong tak boleh nak start.. siot betoi laaaa.. dah tengah budget this month angkara nak pegi Singapore and Jogja pulak ni.. now kena la pulak battery punya hal la pulak.. adoiiii!
When I checked the lifespan of the bettery.. mmg patut kena tukar pun.. dah 2 years 1 months.. so I must say that Century battery memang tahan laaa.. kalau tak mmg sure 1 year lebih dah kong punya kan.. tapi tu laa.. hisyyy!
Tried to call Nissan service suruh depa hantar their agent tukar battery, but tak angkat2.. at last merempit la pegi Sri Petaling nak cari battery baru.. melayang lagi pulak rm260 ni... adoiiiiii!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Waaaaaaa... the water supply sudah pulih seperti sediakala dahh... Happy! Happy! Happy! so dapat la menyiram pokok2 kat balcony yang dah macam hutan tu and tambah air dlm kolam ikan ku.. kesian depa.. sejak takdak air ni memang kena neglect for a while.. almost a week jugak la.. thank god the plants still remain subur as it is.. and the pond is still filled with enough amount of water for the fishes..
One thing for sure, dalam2 masa takdak air ni pun, something interesting happened, pokok kariku yg dah hampir nak mati tu naik balik dgn suburnya.. and siap ada bunga.. sorry la pe'rak sikit naaa.. but this is the first time I saw bunga pokok curry.. and it smells very nice too.. Never that I know that pokok kari actually ada bunga.. hahahahah!
Some facts that I got about daun kari....
Hasil kajian mendapati daun kari mengandungi:
66.3% kelembapan
6.1% protein
1.0% lemak
16.0% karbohidrat
6.4% fiber
Daun kari juga mengandungi mineral dan vitamin seperti kalsium, fosforus, zat besi, asid nikotinik dan vitamin C. Ia juga mengandungi volatile oil dan sejenis glukosid yang dipanggil koenigiin. Daun kari mempunyai khasiat perubatan yang tinggi dan digunakan dengan meluas dalam perubatan Ayurveda di India. Daun kari mempunyai nilai sebagai antioksidan, anti-diabetes, antimikrob, anti-inflamasi, Hepatoprotektor, anti-hiperkolesterolemia dan lain-lain lagi. Daun kari juga dikatakan baik untuk penjagaan rambut yang panjang dan sihat. Selain dari itu daun kari juga dapat mencegah uban. Kulit pokok, daun dan akar pokok daun kari digunakan sebagai tonik. Pucuk daun muda juga boleh dibuat ulam.
Daun kari boleh dijadikan tonik herba untuk menguatkan perut dan meningkatkan keupayaannya serta mengatasi masalah penghadaman. Ia juga boleh digunakan sebagai laksatif (julap) lemah untuk mengatasi masalah sembelit. Jus daun kari yang dicampur dengan madu juga dapat menjadi penawar kepada cirit birit dan buasir. Jus daunnya yang segar dicampur dengan jus limau nipis digunakan untuk mengatasi masalah loya dan pening terutamanya akibat makan lemak yang berlebihan. Caranya dengan mencampurkan satu sudu teh jus daun kari dan satu sudu teh jus limau nipis. Daun kari juga berkesan dalam mengatasi masalah haid dan penyakit gonorea (gonorrhea), menghilangkan rasa loya dan pening-pening lalat bagi wanita mengandung.
Air rebusan kulit batangnya yang kering dapat digunakan untuk mengubat diabetes. Amalan memakan 10 helai daunnya setiap hari selama 3 bulan dikatakan dapat mencegah kencing manis yang disebabkan oleh keturunan dan kegemukan. Buahnya yang didihkan dengan minyak kelapa hingga kehitaman boleh dihancurkan dan digunakan untuk merawat gigitan serangga dan haiwan berbisa. Daunnya yang dihancurkan dan dijadikan pes boleh digunakan untuk merawat lebam dan bengkak dengan cara menampalnya pada bahagian yang sakit.
Daun kari juga berkesan menyembuhkan penyakit cirit-birit dan penyakit berak darah yang juga disebut disentri. Daun kari dan akarnya juga dikatakan baik untuk peredaran darah dan boleh bertindak sebagai sedatif. Walaupun terdapat pelbagai kegunaan tumbuhan ini, namun penggunaannnya perlu mendapat nasihat daripada pengamal perubatan untuk mengelakkan kemudaratan di kemudian hari kelak.
waaa.. byknya khasiatnya kan?? a question to myself.. pokok karinya ada, tapi awat masak kari tk pernah buat ye? hahahahah... hancurrrr!


Aiyooo.. just got to know that VolksWagen just launched a new Polo sedan car for their medium range market.. My god.. quite nice laa..
The car is quite an eye catching jugak laa.. Simple and quite friendly looking car for one to own.. I think this is gonna be a hit amongst Malaysian..
and from the price at RM99k the car.. it is simply a good buy for a Polo sedan.. Damn! Now I got distracted with this car as compared to Nissan Sunny already... cepat la keluar Sunny baru ni! How la? How la? Helppppp!
p/s: credit photos from PaulTan


I was on my way back home today when I saw this huge signboard behind Maybank building in Cyberjaya.. new building of Starbucks, 2 tingkat lagii.. complete with drive-thru in in progress.. and yang paling penting the signboard is so huge people can see it from far...
Aiyooo.. ini sudah bagus... I'll be the happiest person soon.. boleh buat keja from Starbucks.. Macchiato Ice Blended and Ice Chocolate.. wait for me.. yahoooooo!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I donno but I'm so happy that it's already Thursday today.. Just can't wait for Friday to finish so I can have my 2 days break of the week.. So' I've given my 20% today, and will give another 5% tomorrow before the weekend starts.. heheheh!
Honestly, I'm so so tired of the never ending work lately.. need to take a break from all this craziness.. thank god there will be a long awaited trip end of next week to Singapore.. followed by another trip to Jogjakarta 3 weeks from now.. and balik Ganu at the end of next month.. seriously, can't wait.. Singapore.. here I come! yeahaaaaaa!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Believe it or not.. it has been a few days of misery out of the stupid problem faced by Syabas over their long overdue maintenance of their whatever water plant problems..
At first I thought the problem is settled, as when woke up for my morning pee.. ada air.. but later takdak balik.. and also again after 7pm.. ada air.. but later gone again.. and so I later realised that air dah kena catu due to this problem.. adoiii.. rasanya this is the first time in many2 years of my stay here yang tak ada air selama mcm ni.. and I'm sure people around Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling area are facing the same problem too..
Thank god ada la jugak preparation for this kind of emergency macam ni.. the huge water container yang dah beli bertahun2 akhirnya ada faedahnya jugakk, ditambah pulak dgn baldi yang ada a few tu buat takung air.. and during the short period with water supply ni la basuh pinggan mangkuk, tadah air and settle the wajib part.. mandi and berakk.. hahah!
During this period la memang nak kena avoid orang datang rumah a big no-no.. memang jangan harap la nak ajak orang datang rumah.. jenuh karang takdak air.. hahahah! Hai la Syabas ni.. bila la nak ada air balik macam biasa ni? Tolongggggggggggg...


The long awaited Persona replacement is here.. saw the launching last nite live on TV.. and today went straight away to the showroom to check it out.. and yeah! it's a nice car.. very nice indeed..
This is the new breed of Proton.. so I must check it out myself..and while checking out for the car myself.. I was like.. hmmm.. really nice car.. the interior is very sleek and cool..
the design is very up to date.. the car is quite big.. spacious seat room, huge bonet, lots of compartment.. and most interesting thing is.. the price isn't that bad for a car that nice.. and you get the built-in GPS, and a year of Yes4g free wifi for easier surfing in the car.. cool eh?
Well.. notice that I kept saying 'nice' huhh? not marvelous, not superb, not out of the world kind of car.. and why? hahah.. just saw some updates in the FB that the buttons at the dashboard were teared out.. only on the first day after the launching.. hahahahah! so enough for me to say nice car..
Chatted with one of the salesman, and he mentioned that the old model of Persona will be discontinued, and even some of the Inspira model will soon be discontinued.. leaving only the 1.8 Inspira for those who is still interested to buy.. if any laaa.. hahahah! and even funnier thing is that the saleslady kept saying that the Inspira interior is ancient.. so lama-lama type.. hahahahah!
Still.. I just love my Blackie too much.. Good luck Preve.. heheheheh!