Thursday, April 26, 2012


A meeting with a good old frined.. and lots of updates and stories came out while we had our soup moments under the hot sun.. campur pulak dengan the slow breezy wind that passed by us under the zink stall, the bursting stories were as hot as the hot breezy afternoon in Kajang Bangi area.. hehehe!
So, banyak la jugak topics that came out was how stingy a person canbe.. and based on the stories that I heard from them.. believe me.. you can't even think that those kind of stingy species still appear on earth.. heheh..
Especially this one.. a very well-doing family who owns everything.. but I almost can't believe how stingy they are, considering lots and lots of money they have..  Here goes:
- This person has been using some of the clothes that aged more than 20 years, and still in good condition; Save! Don't hafta buy new clothes, katanya..
- This person had her daughter to use the scholl uniform until tight, and that school uniform aged already more than a year; Save! kalo org susah paham laaa.. aiyooo! so the daughter is a victim..
- This person just roll-up small amount of lip gloss to apply to the lips; Save! tak boleh bukak banyak2.. Takut habis katanya..
- This person fries ONLY two middle size Ikan Kembung to be shared with 6 people for lunch; Crazy! Even medium families pun goreng banyak jugak ikan goreng for lunch..
- This person, cooked only 2 eggs, fried thin, and cut into 8 portions.. so one person can only take one; Mereng! I can have that only to myself.. haha!
Pelik how some orang kaya punya style la.. pasai tu depa kaya la kot.. hahahha

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Anonymous said...

Betul tu...Sebab tu depa nampak kaya. So kena la ikat perut kaaannnn...