Monday, April 16, 2012


This is the weekend I've been waiting for.. nak duduk diam bodoh takmau buat apa except lepak malas, tgk dvd, makan and basically stay home..
Unfortunately.. weekend ni la pulak takdak airnya.. adoiii..
no wonder la pagi tadi nampak ada lori air kat Sri Petaling with lots of people kat shoplots tu queue nak tadah air.. and funny thing it didn't cross my mind at all about the water interruption, until this evening when I did my dishes when the water slowed down bit by bit.. and finally gone.. cissss! Usually when there's a notice of water interruption, apartments and condos selalunya takdak la ada effect sangat as they somehow have enough water supply for the residents, sampai tak perasan that the area is actually affected.. and later I only found out about the notice about the interruption from Saturday till Monday... ADOIIIIII!! mampus nak cari air esok nak manadi nak pi keja... adoiiii! tu laa.. ignorance la yang membuatku not alert.. tepuk dahi berkali2!

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