Tuesday, April 17, 2012


RESTLESS!!! That's the exact word that I could describe myself today without my phone with me.. boleh pulak tertinggal my phone on the bed kat rumah.. and as I realised that I don't my my phone with me.. it is a bit too late already as we hafta rush for a meeting... adoiii!
Gila betul rasa macam ada something yang tak complete with you without the phone.. dok dlm keta pun restless, dok dlm meeting pun restless, habis meting pun restless.. macam kucing hilang anak!! That's how important your phone is nowadays.. Balik rumah beratur la messages and missed calls list.. heheh! I don't know about you guys.. macamana? can you lead your day ahead without your phone with you? I know I can't.. hahahahah...
p/s: Cun gila la gambo smartphone tu kan.. credit to pocket-lint.com..

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