Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The long awaited Persona replacement is here.. saw the launching last nite live on TV.. and today went straight away to the showroom to check it out.. and yeah! it's a nice car.. very nice indeed..
This is the new breed of Proton.. so I must check it out myself..and while checking out for the car myself.. I was like.. hmmm.. really nice car.. the interior is very sleek and cool..
the design is very up to date.. the car is quite big.. spacious seat room, huge bonet, lots of compartment.. and most interesting thing is.. the price isn't that bad for a car that nice.. and you get the built-in GPS, and a year of Yes4g free wifi for easier surfing in the car.. cool eh?
Well.. notice that I kept saying 'nice' huhh? not marvelous, not superb, not out of the world kind of car.. and why? hahah.. just saw some updates in the FB that the buttons at the dashboard were teared out.. only on the first day after the launching.. hahahahah! so enough for me to say nice car..
Chatted with one of the salesman, and he mentioned that the old model of Persona will be discontinued, and even some of the Inspira model will soon be discontinued.. leaving only the 1.8 Inspira for those who is still interested to buy.. if any laaa.. hahahah! and even funnier thing is that the saleslady kept saying that the Inspira interior is ancient.. so lama-lama type.. hahahahah!
Still.. I just love my Blackie too much.. Good luck Preve.. heheheheh!

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