Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tuu diaaa.. tajuk pun adventure kan.. well.. it is a new adventure for me nak panjat bukit.. something that I've never done before.. we arrived quite late at 6.45am and soooo many cars parked down the hill.. we hafta go through ladang kelapa sawit to get up.. and by the time nak naik tu pagi pun dah mula teang.. so good thing that we can see the route up.. quite interesting to me as jalan quite mencabar and one really need a good pair of shoes to get up.. punya la ramai orang up and down so the route was quite jammed up.. punya la letih and I can hear lots of people, including me asked the same question "Are we there yet?".. hehehhe
Tapi bila sampai atas.. crazy cantik la this place.. managed to take some photos from the 1st stop.. and the place where Dr Muzaffar photographed his wedding photos.. amazing scenery!
Nak go on but kasut dah buat hal tapak tercabut.. resulting my kaki dah sakit gila.. so I only managed to get to the first pitstop.. ok la tu. next trip nak finish until the last stop.. so lepak2 la sambil cuci mata tgk scenery and tgk orang lalu lalang in the cool breezy morning.. Hujan dah start turun rintik2.. which means the route down will be quite slippery.. so better becareful on the way down.. walaupun baju dah lencun macam mandi.. still rasa best gila..
Next trip the group wanna go, Gunung Datuk near Kuala Pilah.. can I join ka? Huishhhh.. mmg nak kena upkan stamina baru blh kot.. exercise bro exercise... hehehh!

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