Saturday, April 7, 2012


I've been here before just on the way back to Cyber after my meeting in Sepang.. so yeah! we saw this huge place with lots of cars parking during the lunch time.. and we're like.. what the heck.. just give it a try.. and true enough.. this place is just super marvelous place to eat.. and here we are again on one mission.. makan sampai perut buntang.. heheheh!
I donno how to describe the place.. but if one ever pass through Sepang Nilai road.. just take an exit to Jalan Sepang right after the Salak Tinggi traffic light.. drive further until one find a huge restaurant on the right.. itu la dia tempatnya..
One thing that I love love love the most is the Cencaru bakar dia.. my goodness.. the best I've ever had.. cencaru bakar bersalut sambal bersantan yg enak sekali.. so bloody delicious! The lauk pun is just superb.. and the price mmg berbaloi.. murah!
Knowing the place is just 20 minutes away from Cyber.. I will definitely go again la some other time.. totally recommended!!

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