Thursday, March 31, 2011


Goshhh! It was quite a hell for me since last week with the current work that I'm doing.. Things are all tough in the group that I'm in.. I think this is the toughest group to handle compared to the rest of the other groups.. We have a group of bijak pandai of 20++ heads who knows what to do.. and knows what they want to proceed with the agenda.. and dealing with this group needs a very strong mental and physical readiness.. arguements and disagreements that sometimes led to emotional quarrels were all around the air since last week.. it's out of control sometimes up to the extend that I donno how to handle it anymore.. stress gilerr.. rasa nak nangis pun ada.. hahahah!
I'm no good in the industry and some of the things that they mentioned and discussed in the group were too technical for me to digest immediately.. adoiii! I just hope that this week will flow very2 fast that everything will end soon.. really no life.. balik rumah je I'm so penat but still hafta vet through the slides and all.. and the routine goes on and on for almost 2 weeks now.. It's quite a challenging experience that I personally gain from this current work.. and rest assured that will make me a better person that yesterday..
Anyway, sorry it's just a merapu entry to release my 'serabut hanyaaa' di kepalaku ini.. giler lahhhhh... hahahah!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was walking along Jalan Putra when I saw this restaurant that always excites me.. So I decided to give it a try.. gosh they have macam2 to offer.. and their choice of Biryani is quite variety jugak.. and I decided to try the Prawn Biryani..True enough the Biryani is so good that I can finish the large portion.. the nasi is soo tender and sungguh sedapp and the prawn is fried with the tandoori flavour.. and lots of it in the nasi.. sungguh yummy! One must try this.. totally recommended! I will personally go there again for the prwan biryani for sure.. yummy yummy!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Feeling all soggy and ineffective over the weekend.. still pening kepala over the whole week's of whole makmal thingy, I accepted my uncle's invitation for a durian treat in Tapah.. In fact, the whole clan gathered in tapah for the day.. The scenery is sooo amazing.. backed by the hills in many colours.. and with the greenery of the forest with the small source of water slowly flowing.. it felt so peaceful and calm.. Wish I could spend some more time here.. but it's a working monday.. and I hafta get back to the pening kapla routine for another week.. peninggggg..

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Been busy the whole week attached to the makmal in PWTC.. Goshh! I couldn't imagine this could suck out my entire energy day by day.. balik2 je rumah terus pengsan.. totally tiring laaa.. now that I hafta follow the routine, it sucks.. Feel like there's no flavor in life..and I do hope that the makmal ends soon..Anyway.. the participation is very encouraging and there are quite a number of people who are involved in the makmal.. almost all with own problems, and almost all with own agenda.. pening pun ada.. funny jugak at times looking at how people react towards things.. sometimes I felt like I lost the grips already over the whole exercise.. and hope for everything to go on the fly smoothly.. hopefully the makmal can achieve the target.. and all of 'us' can benefit from it.. insyallah!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


There will be one time in Putrajaya that you see such a marvelous views of soooo many hot air balloons in the air, in between buildings and everywhere filling up the Putrajaya air.. This year, I was such a dummy to forget the date as I was in KL almost the whole week for duty.. It was until the last day that I remembered about it at 5pm.. rushed to the crime scene only to get stuck in the terrible jam.. and by the time I was about to get out from the jam, all the balloons were all pulled down already.. doshhhh! Tension betoi.. and the only photo that I can snap is this.. with the balloons kecik cet sampai tk nampak.. takpa2.. next year i'll be the first one to arrive.. next year gadget.. next yearrr!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ever heard of the famous Kuey teow Doli from Taiping? Now they have it in TTDI.. I just knew about it from a fellow colleague and got to know that they are open for a year plus now in TTDI.. cehh.. buang masa je tunggu lama2 nak balik Tepeng makan kotiau Doli tauuuu...Simple setup.. but the location isn't that strategic, I still think that they haven't lost their taste totally.. cuma sedikit kurenggg saja compared to the one in Tepeng.. but still, nice one guys.. better go and try it out.. depan Caltex otw to TTDI, next to Brunsfield building by the pasar TTDI.. sedapppppp!

Monday, March 14, 2011


A fellow officemate gave birth to a healthy baby in Putrajaya hospital.. and the gang went to visit her secara beramai2..
first.. finding the gift..then, jalan beramai2 ke wad..and beramah mesra with the mom and a lot of photo taking of the baby.. nice ward anyway.. tak sangka GH ada ward mcm ni.. nice!
Anyway.. congrats to the mommy and the newborn..


I am lost for words to express about the latest Japan tsunami.. really unimaginable and no words could describe it.. My condolences to Japan people that's been hit really2 bad by those freak of nature.. and hope that god will protect them against any more of this..

Sometimes I wonder.. why does bad things happened to good people? There are so many worse things done by other poeple in the world, but it turns out that good people yang kena semua2 ni.. entah la!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was in Ipoh for the weekend for kenduri here and there.. and really felt so heavy from the overdose of kenduri treats that I need to exercise a bit.. so in the efforts to jog a bit at the garden in the middle of chinese funeral in Ipoh, I went to the pace only to find out that there's an aerobic session was in place.. huge amount of people around the area, and I totally sooo joining the group.. rajin jugak org Ipoh beriadah pagi2 buta ni..An hour of aerobic, with sweats like I just finished the shower.. and took a round of walk around the garden.. with a huge field in the middle for bola and stuff.. such a peaceful place to spend an effective morning.. terus terasa turun 10 kg.. heheheh! in which I gained back by 10kg after a session of Nasi Lemak by the stadium.. life is easy in Ipoh!

Friday, March 11, 2011


The gang wanted to be among the first to watch HMM.. and we bought the tickets for a nite show in Alamanda.. The movie? OK la.. reminds me of Pirates of Carribean at the beginning, and a bit of Braveheart the moment b4 perang.. overall.. ok! but what I cannot tahan the most was the additional commentator a few charis next to me yang bercerita as if they produced the movie.. adoiii bang! dok senyap2 la tgk movie.. letih den! I swear the next time I'm watching movie will be in MV, where no directors or scriptwriter or producers gonna watch the movie with me and tell their grandma stories in the middle of the movie.. hurmmmmm!


It's been 2 days of terrible fever that I had.. and I haven't visited the clinic yet since this week's schedule has been hectic.. even now while I am writing, the sweat came down from my head berjurai2 macam air hujan hahhh.. and that is the after effect of panadol and ponstan..
It's been weird la this time sebab it started with cold shivering body that I cannot tahan.. and after a while, the body started to get warmer and warmer.. until I hafta mandi and put wet towel on my head.. and after a while, when I started to drink hot water, then only sweats coming out like nobody's business.. the cold-warm-sweat body effect really buat aku gila.. one moment I hafta cover myself up.. and another time i hafta mandi to cool it down.. adoiii!
Come tomorrow, I must go to the clinic.. I know I've not been in a healthy state lately.. age factor may be.. but this has to stop immediately! tons of work at the office.. feel like I'm loosing my life already.. apa2 pun.. hidup mesti diteruskan!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was browsing FB when someone posted this memorable photos of us in PPP/ ITM years ago.. Goshhh! This was the time we all had our graduation with the group photos taken with all the fellow ADP1 batch..All the memories flashed back and forth.. remembering how easy life was during those time.. pegi class, balik class, naik bus, weekend pegi KL.. dinner kat Sec18 kedai kelantan.. curi sos cili and tomato from KFC bawak balik letak kat bilik.. study for exam.. macam2 lagi laaaa.. those were the easy days of study life..
A few members of ADP1 clan pun ada yang gone and looking at this photos.. really reminds me of them.. wish I could have turn back time and experience those easy days again.. I wishhhhh!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Check out this nice song by Guy Sebastian ft. Eve.. a Klang born guy who won Australian Idol many years ago..
Notice how he pronounced 'club' in the chorus.. funny but catchy eh? heheheh.. Reminds me a bit of the song 'Hey, Soul Sister' by Train.. Great song!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


A lunch date at AlRawsha Kg Pandan with June and Nani.. June's gonna be back to Bangkok on Wednesday so this is sort of the farewell lunch together with her.. Huge castle like, nice place.. and this is the second time I came to this place.. The setting is so mediterranean and arabic like, ohh it's so cozy to have lunch with friends here.. quite a different setting from the other branch that I always go at Jalan Damai.. check here!Got ourselves 2 big portions of Chicken Mandi and Lamb biryani.. plus the hummus and delicious roti canai like bread.. we all wallap like nobody's business.. semua dah bebulur..heheh
Price is a bit expensive compared to the one in Jalan Damai.. but still lots of people coming for the food here.. Chatted for a while before we move on to Secret Recipe for hot coffee and healthy cakes for tea.. memang pelahap gila tak kenyang2 puak2 kami ni.. hahahah!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Seems like the makan2 entry will be filling up the page again.. hehe! This time we went for makan2 at a nice place called Tasik Idaman, Bangi.. Far2 away from the civilization, the place is quite difficult to go.. but if one knows where Pusat Atom Negara is, the place is located on the opposite site.. how to go there.. donno and cannot explain.. heheh.. Huge makan2 place witha few sections people can choose for makan2.. we chose to dine on a pelantar kayu supported by lots and lots of tong..mmg mcm makan atas kapal.. terhuyung hayang..hehehSince a colleague belanka us all for makan2, there are sooo many food on the table.. all freshly cooked food..check it out.. Boleh kata all la marvelous food.. especially the ikan 3 rasa and tomyam dia... fuhhh.. to die for.. and ada jugak cameraman yg sukarela jadi paparazzi merakam setiap detik dan aksi..
plus the huge stage with DJ and people can karaoke.. but make sure kena nyanyi best la.. else kena kutuk free je dgn DJ tu.. bengong!
Thanks to a friend who open table malam tu.. Such a great place for makan2 outing.. a bit far but really worth it.. berbaloi2!