Saturday, March 26, 2011


Been busy the whole week attached to the makmal in PWTC.. Goshh! I couldn't imagine this could suck out my entire energy day by day.. balik2 je rumah terus pengsan.. totally tiring laaa.. now that I hafta follow the routine, it sucks.. Feel like there's no flavor in life..and I do hope that the makmal ends soon..Anyway.. the participation is very encouraging and there are quite a number of people who are involved in the makmal.. almost all with own problems, and almost all with own agenda.. pening pun ada.. funny jugak at times looking at how people react towards things.. sometimes I felt like I lost the grips already over the whole exercise.. and hope for everything to go on the fly smoothly.. hopefully the makmal can achieve the target.. and all of 'us' can benefit from it.. insyallah!

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