Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was browsing FB when someone posted this memorable photos of us in PPP/ ITM years ago.. Goshhh! This was the time we all had our graduation with the group photos taken with all the fellow ADP1 batch..All the memories flashed back and forth.. remembering how easy life was during those time.. pegi class, balik class, naik bus, weekend pegi KL.. dinner kat Sec18 kedai kelantan.. curi sos cili and tomato from KFC bawak balik letak kat bilik.. study for exam.. macam2 lagi laaaa.. those were the easy days of study life..
A few members of ADP1 clan pun ada yang gone and looking at this photos.. really reminds me of them.. wish I could have turn back time and experience those easy days again.. I wishhhhh!

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