Saturday, March 5, 2011


Seems like the makan2 entry will be filling up the page again.. hehe! This time we went for makan2 at a nice place called Tasik Idaman, Bangi.. Far2 away from the civilization, the place is quite difficult to go.. but if one knows where Pusat Atom Negara is, the place is located on the opposite site.. how to go there.. donno and cannot explain.. heheh.. Huge makan2 place witha few sections people can choose for makan2.. we chose to dine on a pelantar kayu supported by lots and lots of tong..mmg mcm makan atas kapal.. terhuyung hayang..hehehSince a colleague belanka us all for makan2, there are sooo many food on the table.. all freshly cooked food..check it out.. Boleh kata all la marvelous food.. especially the ikan 3 rasa and tomyam dia... fuhhh.. to die for.. and ada jugak cameraman yg sukarela jadi paparazzi merakam setiap detik dan aksi..
plus the huge stage with DJ and people can karaoke.. but make sure kena nyanyi best la.. else kena kutuk free je dgn DJ tu.. bengong!
Thanks to a friend who open table malam tu.. Such a great place for makan2 outing.. a bit far but really worth it.. berbaloi2!

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