Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I've been listening to the latest song (I think) by Marcell.. Tak akan Terganti.. and the song keeps repeating in my head forever.. what more with the Keek post from Misha Omar that sang this number marvelously.. Jiwang!! So apa lagi.. just to hilangkan bosa dalam kereta over the traffic jam time balik kerja semalam, belasah la nyanyi lagu ni dalam kereta.. jiwang sorang2.. hahahah!


Got a ticket for AJL.. and this is the first time I decided to attend this kind of event.. saja je suka2.. selalunya malas nak pegi.. RIMASS! Anyway, lots of people around the area.. and dalam TV nampak grand je.. but the reality tak la gah sangat.. hehehh! sebelum nak sampai ke purple carpet tu nampak a few so called artists terhencut2 jalan dgn kasut tinggi at the uneven pavement dpn Stadium Putra tu just to be highlighted at the event.. kesiannn!

The so called VIP seats kat Stadium Putra ni is so sempit we all have to squeeze our body throughout the event uncomfortably.. thank god the show is great, sound system is marvelous.. and these singers were really talented..
I personally like Kalau Aku Kaya.. the song is very fresh and catchy.. memang berangan nak kaya la dengar lagu ni.. hahah!
Anyway,Bahagiamu Deritaku by Hafiz won.. wuh huuuuuu! my karaoke favorites!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


It's been a year and 2 months since Maktok left us.. and to be honest, I still cannot let go.. call me crazy but I still feel that she's still around, somewhere and I haven't seen her for a while.. rindu sgt2.. Anyway, we finally managed to set up a kenduri tahlil for Maktok and Wan back at Maktok's house last weekend.. all Anak Cucu Maktok were there, and I personally have mixed feelings.. happy that everyone managed to gather around, and sad that the one face I've been hoping to see was not around, my Maktok.. It feels like yesterday when everyone gathered as a big family, sleeping over at my Maktok's house while gathering here and there chatting and laughing.. while Maktok will be either at her wheelchair joining the clan.. or napping at her room while I checked her out and hug her every now and then.. such fond memories!!

Let's talk about the kenduri.. the food was super duper nice.. the Lamb Kurma is to die for.. simply superb! what more with the Chilli Chicken and Air Asam (Kuala Kurau's specialty).. complete dish.. Sedapppppp!

Hope that all the guest were satisfied with the food!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I think it's still not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year... brand new year, great time to come out with new resolution for some, and fresh new start for others..
So, whatever we might, and want to bring ourselves to this brand new year, there's nothing better than to pray and hope for all that we wish for to come true, whatever we plan for works and whatever outcome to turn out great....
Me? Well, I do have my own wish list.. and my own resolution.. apa dia? nanti2 la cerita.. heheheh!