Friday, September 17, 2010


It was such a sad news that I got on the day I planned to drive back to KL.. my granny's sister meninggal on that day.. she's quite close with our family, and so does the rest of the her family, the usual practice every year was to visit my mak tok's house on the first raya with the rest of the children.. 7-8 cars at least, attacking maktok's house for makan2.. It was quite awkward this year when she and the whole family didn't show up this year for raya.. and I kept asking why they didn't come and visit.. until recently that I heard the news that she passed away.. sakit tua.. it's such a sad news..
She's buried in Rapat Setia, Ipoh.. with hills surrounding the cemetery.. may she rest in peace.. and always in god's care.. al-fatihah..

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I was in Penang on the 2nd day of raya.. as usual, the plan was to bring my parents to visit relatives there.. and goshhh!! the moment I drove out from the toll, that was when I got stuck in the endless jam.. it seemed like most cars were trying to go to Penang.. and the other alternative was to use the ferry.. which turned out to be a mess too.. massive jam all the way.. What caused it? The blown cables on the bridge, and the fire at the bottom of the bridge caused by the blown cables.. gosh.. TNB should be busy as hell to solve the problems.. I didn't know which part of the island was affected.. but things surely back to normal by the evening.. crazy jam I tell you.. crazy!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's a cliche raya celebration for us almost every year.. I used to celebrate it differently, aka mandi air terjun and all.. but since the patah tangan scene last 3 years.. it's all back to the normal cliche raya again.. how cliche? let's check it out..
so it started with everyone jammed up the road to drive back to their kampung.. in my case.. once i arrived, I needed to help my mom and aunt did some cooking since nobody seemed to care enough to come back on the nite before raya to help with the cooking, in my case until 3am.. I can only see smiles and grinds on the raya morning when everything was ready on the table.. some even had guts to ask what's cooking for raya??? whatever laa...
well.. sembahyang raya in the mosque nearby..
followed by makan2 with the big family with all those fatty rendang, ketupat, lemang and stuff.. and the highlight of the morning event.. acara bersalaman and bermaaf2an with the whole family..and makan again..

and tido..

and visits by relatives..

and makan again..

and tido again..

hehehhe.. and that's the activities during raya to me.. makin buntal la jawabnya.. hahahha

Friday, September 10, 2010


Wishing all Eid mubarak aka Selamat Hari Raya.. hope this raya will bring joy and happiness to all..
"Selamat hari raya
.. Aidilfitri mulia
.. Ampun maaf dipinta
.. Mensuci hening dosa..."

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm now on the way back to my hometown in Bagan serai.. Gosh! Still lots of cars on the highway.. And the traffic is expected to increase after buka posa.. Still struggling to reach home.. Lambatnya sampai...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'll just be frank with everyone.. I'm soo not in the mood to work anymore.. raya is in 2 days time.. and the unstoppable workloads seem to be affected badly due to my ting tong mood for raya already.. what more with the consistent plays of raya songs next room really put me in the higher mood for raya..
I don't know why.. I didn't even shop for raya this year.. no new baju melayu, no browsing around Jalan TAR compared to last year, not a single order of kuih raya from anybody.. and definitely not taking extra leaves for raya.. it's just that I can't wait to go back and gather around my family and loved ones.. and be able to talk rubbish and laughing out loud over nothing all day long.. work seems to be so stressful these days so I really need this raya break to not think about work for a while.. and have some fun with the family..
Traffic seems to get lesser on the KL roads, and almost everyone seems to be heading back to their hometown already.. Can't wait to drive home to Bagan Serai.. wish time could fly faster to this Thursday.. which is tomorrow.. yahoooooooo!

Monday, September 6, 2010


These marvelous arts attracts my attention right from the beginning.. just thought I could share with all ..Cool stuff eh?

Friday, September 3, 2010


What's bulan puasa for kids without spending the nite playing bunga api? I pity those kids these days who lost all those fun times nowadays.. So, to spoil my nieces and nephew with the bunga api and all, I bought a bunch of bunga api and let them play the whole nite.. Well.. not the whole nite actually.. play till finish.. heheh! So happy to see the kids playing those bunga api.. really can see the joy and happiness in their faces.. Can't wait for hari raya!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It was not so long ago when I started counting the leftovers of not so much money that I have, that I encountered a vast difference of these two RM10 notes.. The current RM10 note widely used is at the bottom.. Spot the difference..
1. It looks like Aishah signed the note on the left.. who on earth is Aishah?
2. Color is different
3. word bank negara malaysia is also different in size
4. no shiny line on the left
what else?
1. word bank negara malaysia in jawi is different in size..
anything else i missed?
Could this be fraud notes.. or the older version when the so called Aishah signed the notes? Anyone knows?


It's all started when a friend of mine called me as he was stranded in the middle of the PLUS highway near Sg. Buluh exit.. OUT OF GAS! hahahah.. and that was when I brought him gas.. and one thing led to another, I ended up in Rawang town to check out for the tyres, which is claimed to be cheap there.. Well, I planned to change my tyres for quite a while already, as my back tyres gone bald already.. and when I checked the price here, undoubtedly the cheapest in town.. rm150 per tyre.. but when they told me that all 4 tyres need to be replaced.. that was when I tepuk dahi.. dah lari budget ni.. aiyoooo!So, after manipulating some maths and redo some calculation, all 4 tyres were replaced, and I'm down to pokai already for raya.. so how? adoiii.. better stay still and keep quiet la for this raya.. (tepuk dahi again.. hahahah).. jgn sapa2 nak gatai mintak duit raya la this raya.. ada nak kena makan tyre la tuuu.. hahahah!The sports rim here looks very2 tempting.. will definitely come again la after raya.. I want one of those!!