Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's a cliche raya celebration for us almost every year.. I used to celebrate it differently, aka mandi air terjun and all.. but since the patah tangan scene last 3 years.. it's all back to the normal cliche raya again.. how cliche? let's check it out..
so it started with everyone jammed up the road to drive back to their kampung.. in my case.. once i arrived, I needed to help my mom and aunt did some cooking since nobody seemed to care enough to come back on the nite before raya to help with the cooking, in my case until 3am.. I can only see smiles and grinds on the raya morning when everything was ready on the table.. some even had guts to ask what's cooking for raya??? whatever laa...
well.. sembahyang raya in the mosque nearby..
followed by makan2 with the big family with all those fatty rendang, ketupat, lemang and stuff.. and the highlight of the morning event.. acara bersalaman and bermaaf2an with the whole family..and makan again..

and tido..

and visits by relatives..

and makan again..

and tido again..

hehehhe.. and that's the activities during raya to me.. makin buntal la jawabnya.. hahahha

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