Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I wanna say a thousand words on how dangerous this act was.. but I beleive the cyclists all have thousand reasons also on why they do this.. potong angin la, apa laaa..I let the pictures speak for itself!

It was on the highway where the bus was about 120km/h speed.. and this idiot followed so close at the back of the bus like nothing's gonna happen.. imagine if the bus brakes on emergency.. Qaa'lu innalillah..
Careful guys.. Malang tak berbau!!


OMG! OMG! My cousin just texted me asking me about the plate of my old car.. syaing that he might have bumped into my old flame at the parking lot kat masjid.. Excited.. I immediately texted him the plate no.. and wallaaa..
I finally managed to see her after almost 7 years for parting.. hahahha.. macam awek la pulakk.. I wonder who the new owner is.. but felt so happy to know that the Wira is now safe and sound in Kuala Ketil, Kedah area.. heheheh!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It was on the eve of Chinese new Year.. and suddenly si Blackie ni suddenly jadi tersedut-sedut.. and ekzos bunyi kuat gila.. and keta jadi tak larat nak jalan.. Cuak gila !! Makin tua ni makin banyak pulak si Blackie buat hal..dah la tengah2 sengkek ni.. isyyy! So bawak la slow2 pi foreman kat Bdr Tasik Selatan.. nasib baik tokey ni bukak lagi kedai.. sungguh baik hati dia sanggup bukak kedai walaupun dah nak raya.. nak harap Nissan Service Centre bukak half day je tdy.. cehhhh! So it was the ignition coil that caused the problem.. yg batang dah karat2 mcm dlm gambo tu..

nasib baik only 2 je yg down while another 2 still boleh pakai.. so kena la tukar 2.. plus spark plug lagi..
Adoiii.. melayangggg dkt 1K jgk! so dok diam2 je la until the next paycheck.. sila termenung ya Niko!